Riff off everything — adding official monsters to your unofficial world

Earlier today Wizards of the Coast released eleven free monsters in the Monstrous Compendium 2: Dragonlance Creatures. These are available for anyone with a free or paid account on DnDBeyond. You can access them through frontpage access.

My campaign world doesn’t need more monsters, but it does need more ideas. That’s a great way to look at settings and adventures — they are other people’s ideas to put into your world. That’s a short cut to worldbuilding, and a great one.

Goblins in the World of the Everflow are part of a smog-punk society building gadgets, very much like Tinker Gnomes, but grimy and greasy. Today’s release is an opportunity for me to use several new inventions in my world.

The Nevermind Gnome Inventor has three inventions. The Flying Fangtrap is a springwork device with tiny wings that pinch and pierce to do damage and may even stop the movement of the target.

In my world the Thunderscream gadget is an opportunity to latch onto the concepts from the Airmatics and Waterwerks Alliance. They could build a cannon of screaming sounds that damage like a breath weapon.

Of course the Alchems Sisterhood would invent Flash Powder, the blinding simple fireworks that can aid the goblin to escape.

The more complex Nevermind Gnome Mastermind has even more inventions that I will use at my table.

Clockwork Claws that act like a third arm, or even a first or second arm; Chattergrab is essentially a grenade that is a bear trap; Phasmoball would be another invention from the Alchems.

In just this one free download the World of the Everflow has six new inventions for goblins. You can burrow from official materials for your own world too.

Maybe your world needs some undead knights? Use the Foresworn.

Another variety of magical giantkin? Irda.

Humanoid walruses? Thanoi.

A unicorn older than every forest? Forest Master has impressive powers and is not the passive unicorn at the game’s core.

Everything you encounter can be part of your session prep or worldbuilding, especially if it is a free release from the creators of the game.


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