Inkling as a Warlock familiar

The Inkling Mascot was the perfect familiar for one of my players, but its weak at the point in play we’re at — this is the Improved Inkling.

Tea Master – a new Background for D&D

You are a server of fine teas. Maybe you worked in a tea shop, or were a tea merchant, or were the tea master for a noble estate. You prepare teas and small bites of food for the thinking peoples in the area. This can be as simple as a cuppa or an elaborate ritual.

Commercial Map Archive Update!

Originally posted on Dyson's Dodecahedron:
I’ve updated the commercial map archive again, bringing the total count of commercial use maps on the blog to 475. 475 Maps Bloody hell. When I added the ability to unlock some commercial maps every month on Patreon, I expected we’d maybe see 2 a month… I never considered…