Tea Master – a new Background for D&D

You are a server of fine teas. Maybe you worked in a tea shop, or were a tea merchant, or were the tea master for a noble estate. You prepare teas and small bites of food for the thinking peoples in the area. This can be as simple as a cuppa or an elaborate ritual.

Commercial Map Archive Update!

Originally posted on Dyson's Dodecahedron:
I’ve updated the commercial map archive again, bringing the total count of commercial use maps on the blog to 475. 475 Maps Bloody hell. When I added the ability to unlock some commercial maps every month on Patreon, I expected we’d maybe see 2 a month… I never considered…

Exploration in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition

Originally posted on GM Workshop:
Hexcrawls, pointcrawls and other options for exploration in D&D D&D 5e boasts three pillars of gameplay. Combat, Roleplay and Exploration. We’re going to offer some ideas on how to run Exploration for your games. Narration If the area is not threatening or if there is nothing of consequence, it’s perfectly…

Far Talkers – Converse over miles with this D&D Background

Sure, a spell caster might be able to use Message, or two people may have Sending Stone for magical cell phones. But, the Far Talkers converse over a distance of miles, not feet. They speak with many, not one, signaling a warning or just chattering about the weather. Far Talkers and Messengers help societies that stretch over leagues communicate and maintain a culture.