Coffee Gear – a 5e D&D Tool

Everyone needs a good pick-me-up. The studious wizard, the pickpocket, the noble, and the farmer all can take advantage of the boost of energy whether the beans are from far-off mountains or nearby hills. Adventurers aren’t on standard sleep schedules so the not-quite-magical bean roaster and brewer is quite helpful in the wildes, caverns, dungeons, and seas of any world.

Components: Coffee gear includes a pound of beans, 2 small spoons, 2 small cups, mortar & pestle or small hand grinder, an ibrik or small moka pot, a small rotisserie or pan roaster (can be powered by fire or certain cantrips), spices and sugar.

Those cantrips that could power the two styles of roasters are: Control Flames, Create Bonfire, Druidcraft, Fire Bolt, Prestidigitation, and Produce Flame.

In most D&D worlds a pound of green coffee should be priced around 3 gp and available similar to how cloves are in your worldspace.

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Insight: As someone that is in tune with the life of a cafe, coffeehouse, or court you can read the emotions and even pick up rumors spreading through the crowd.

Example: As the party enters a bar or coffeehouse there is a buzz of conversation. Volgat Emberstone recognizes the conversations, listening in on the chatter around him. The player tells the DM that they are attempting to learn if Crylia the Goblin has been in the area. Per Xanathar’s Guide, as this Insight check is aided by the Tool, the player rolls with Advantage if they are proficient in both Insight and Coffee Gear, using the higher modifier of the two. If they are only proficient in only one of the two, they would use just the higher modifier rolling a single d20.

Nature: Familiar with the origins of the glorious bean, you have learned about various locales where coffee is grown.

Example: Marching through Windy Heaven Ridge, Umog sees some wild coffee. The player is wondering if this area is where they might find the tail feather of the Peryton that the Archmage of Cryssalis Valley hired them to bring to him.

Remove Exhaustion: During a Short Rest you can roast and prepare a unique beverage for a single humanoid that drinks water. This special beverage can remove one level of Exhaustion, up to level 3 (going from 3 to 2, or 2 to 1, or 1 to no longer exhausted).

Coffee Gear

Roast Coffee (takes 1 hour)10
Prepare Typical Beverage (takes 10 minutes)10
Understand The Hills, Mountains Where Beans Grow15
Discern Emotions, Learn Rumors In Coffeehouse15
Remove Exhaustion20
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