D&D Things I’m Reading This Week

Some like to claim that they are low prep Dungeon Masters. Myself, I’m a high prep DM. Everything I encounter in life is prep for how I run games, or play characters. Every person I meet, every fiction I encounter, every blog entry, every song – these enter me and fuel my approach.

The following is a collection of some of the things that stuck with me over the past week. Consider it a curated post of the fuel for my games, and likely a regular feature here at Full Moon Storytelling.


Let’s kick this off with what my broadcasting instructor would call a kicker. This is also a snapshot in the continual mainstreaming of the game-of-nerds.

New to the Game?

Every week someone asks me about starting to play for the first time. The growth of D&D, and RPGs in general, is stunning. That only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. So how does one start?

Wired kicks us off with a long look at How to Get Started in Dungeons & Dragons. The story is packed with interviews, links, and the approach that D&D is meant for everybody – there shall be no gates, no keepers.

College clubs and libraries are hosting sessions for first timers. So is D&D itself. The new monthly weekend sessions hosted by D&D and the Adventurer’s League are a low cost way to start your own journey.


Fantasy maps tell stories. Within each you’ll find 1000 thousand tales. Axebridge from Dyson Logos shows that not every city need to be contained in walls.

Or you can make your own procedurally generated town or city using a Watabatou and Kobold Press.

How Many Intellect Devourers Could Dance on the Head of a Pin?

New Product Review

There’s a ton of info coming out about Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. This is my favorite of the week. IGN interviews Jeremy Crawford about the newest rules expansion.

My Playlist While Writing

This list is my personal creation. I often listen to music while doing my prep for gaming sessions, always with the goal to put me in the mood for that adventure.

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