Uprising & Rebellion: One Sheet

This campaign is set five years after the Lorebook Hunters. With the call of magic strong in the Western Wildes, the kingdoms of the Everflow are stressed by magic. The New Peoples (Ken and Kon), the Offspring of Chorl, the elementals in The Ferments, the Haunting of the High Hills, truce at the River Crinth between the Crinth Confederation and Empire of Azsel, the Sundering of the Church of Quar, and the beacon of the Free City of Sheljar are all plaguing the Kingdoms of Daoud and Kirtin.

Campaign Premise

You are common people living in and around Kirtin-on-the-Lake who are inspired to free the city from under the rule of Daoud. You may want it to once again be part of Kirtin, or you may want to copy the Free City of Sheljar. The City Guard, a unit of Daoud’s military, and even dragons, who see Kirtin-on-the-Lake as their ancestral home, stand in your way.


The Lorebook Hunters secured several of the Lorebooks, returning magic to the Land of the Everflow. In doing so they drew the attention of the Ken (dragons, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and other fey creatures). At the same time the goblins returned to the Land of the Everflow, with their smog-punk teknology.

Grand Conflicts

The Proctors of Grace and their other allies want to control access to magic. Certain dragons also want to repopulate Kirtin-on-the-Lake as the Ward of Mighty Trees is the ancestral home of certain types of dragons (at least a Red as that first DragonTree has regrown).

Daoud will not allow their winnings (Kirtin-on-the-Lake and the Slope) to leave their control after centuries. The rebellion has taken control of the Dock District. What will they free next? While the mayor may be willing to have the rebels help repel the Proctors, he serves at the whim of an empire that refuses to recognize Kirtin-on-the-Lake as anything but its own territory.


  • Each of the Peoples has a starting power.
    • Kin start with a Bonded Companion
    • Ken start with the Feat: Magic Initiate
    • Kon start with Tek
  • Exploring the zero-to-hero tropes, rebellion, and who gets to control knowledge.
  • Sandbox play.
  • Player agency creates history.
  • Drop in/drop out, whatever.

Variant Rules

  • Playable races are Human, Hin/Halfling, Goliath/Firbolg, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome (wood only), Goblin, Hobgoblin, Bugbear.
  • There are seven backgrounds unique to the Everflow available beyond what is in any published book.
  • Use point buy or custom array for starting attributes. If you want something random, the redrick roller gives random point buy valid stats.
  • Start at 3rd level, because power is cool.
  • Long rests require 24 hours within sanctuary. This creates a pace of play more similar to novels than video games.

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