The Everflow, a gift from the gods

No matter how large or small an artifact of the gods is it will change your world. The Waters of the Everflow did so much more than a god intended.

Passive-Only Skills

Originally posted on ThinkDM:
We’ve previously explored where to draw the line between passive and active skills. Today, we’re taking that analysis one step further: Are there skills which should only function as passive skills? Perception Passive perception is the most prevalent passive skill in the rules. This makes sense. It’s something that you can’t…

DC 0 Checks

Originally posted on ThinkDM:
As a matter of adventure design (or when improvising as a DM), you shouldn’t lock mission-critical information behind a skill check. Because if the characters fail the check, the plot line is dead. But, the solution isn’t to get rid of skill checks. The solution is DC 0 checks. “Isn’t that…