Latest Honor Among Thieves trailer establishes Dungeons & Dragons through cast interviews

In a departure from most genre movie rollouts, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves second trailer isn’t a new tease of action in the movie. Almost every scene is from the first trailer, with some small expansion. The latest version shows cast interviews. That cast clearly gets what makes D&D, D&D — heroes journeys, a group that works together and monsters.

To quote Edgin, Chris Pine’s character, “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

Previously some of the cast spoke about their history with the game. Those that hadn’t played until joining the project have either been coached up into what fans expect or learned to love it on their own.

Much of what happens in these two trailers are things that happen at the table of the RPG. Discussions about what to do with treasure, how to acquire it, going to the bar to make plans. That’s typical Dungeons and Dragons.

Daley and Goldstein, both players of the game, seem to have taken a serious approach to the non-serious topic. They capture the fun of the game with care and attention, because like their core audience they love it too.

Each bit of video that Paramount, eOne and Hasbro put out about this heist movie make it seem better than the last. The hype seems to be building. Part of the promotional push includes sending cast to comic cons outside of the English-speaking world. Their latest appearance was in Brazil.

Other D&D movie and TV notes

Studio eOne (the third pillar of Hasbro) is for sale. But, the TV show and other Hasbro IP are still going to be turned into shows and movies.

“I think buyers will still want Dungeons & Dragons because the brand is important, the script is good, and Rawson Marshall Thurber is an exciting piece of talent,” one person said.


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