Chupmolea Transit Center of Sheljar

When the Queen’s Fleet discovered Sheljar they landed in the NW suburbs where the cliffs become hills. There’s a cave system that they originally used to hide their aixips. Now, after the elimination of the Necromancer and the Tunneling Nightmares, their little neighborhood among the hills is a densely populated, for the Free City of Sheljar, space that is a transit hub by sea and sky. Each of the guilds are represented in the many dozen gobkons that have settled in the space.

The main space where all peoples of the Everflow interact with these goblins, hobgoblins, and mulgobs is the Chupmolea Transit Center of Sheljar. It has space for seafaring vessels, multiple sky gondolla cables and a spire for airxips to dock as well.

Chupmolea Transit Center of Sheljar

Made with Canva’s Text to Image. The prompt was a “Leonardo da Vinci inspired transit center with airships, cable car gondollas and greasy smoke stacks.”
The cable system scene connects the transit center to the Grand Entry of Sheljar.


  1. A cable car gondola to the Grand Entry to the Free City of Sheljar.
  2. A harbor with regular small ferry service to the City Center.
  3. A cable car gondola to the City Center.
  4. Exit to the Chupmolea Square, the main plaza in the goblin suburb. There are hills to the Western Wildes beyond the plaza.
  5. A high, arcing bridge to a tiny island now occupied by a dwarven family.
  6. Swyns café.


Chupmolea – Grand Mistress of cables, she rode with the Queen’s Fleet as part of a minor house. Her quick thought to connect the bog-city via sky-cable gondola earned her two flags. On her left shoulder are now five flags, two from her house and three she earned. She has a hook-spear used to guide gondolas to their spaces.

Swyn – a mulgoblin that discovered the power of coffee. Their café is a center of gossip and a primary spot for non-goblins to meet goblins. Swyn is always in an oilcloth apron (effective as leather armor), has random burn scars from roasting coffee, and carries a small, for them, cup of coffee.

Blerxa and Patha – two goblins of different guilds, these sisters are arguing over maintaining a connection to the Queen. Blerxa has many more flags on her left shoulder, nearly running out of space. Patha has a single flag for self and one for house.

Umikdrael Honorfeet – one of the dwarves from the nearby isle. He seems a bit lost and flustered by all the damn noise. He is constantly glancing at his notebook and then at the skyline. There is a lantern drake sitting on his hat.


The air reeks of burning tar from tar trees. There are fresh trees in the hills. But here in the city they are burned to power numerous teknikal devices.

A constant clamor of mekiniks hammers in the background and foreground. There are grinding gears, ratchets, pneumatics and other systems that cause this neighborhood always loud.

Unfortunately the brackish waters of the bog-city in this area are covered with a thin film of soot and tar.

I’m doing Dungeon 23, but instead of making a megadungeon, I’m using it to expand my campaign world (some are calling this World23), but do so in a way that could be relevant to my players. I guess it will be a point-crawl-ish 23. Sometimes those points will be five-room dungeons. Sometimes they will be cities. There will always be paths between them, peoples population them, and peculiar memorable features.

What is Dungeon23?

Dungeon23 is a daily writing practice that is built around game design. Every day the participant will design another room in a dungeon, and at the end of the week they will have a complete level. The next week starts the process over until you have 52 dungeon levels. Sean McCoy of Tuesday Knight Games, the press behind the award-winning TTRPG, Mothership created the challenge almost on accident, with a tweet about his newest project and an image of his notebook. But the indie TTRPG scene is nothing if not excitable and easily swayed by a challenge, and McCoy’s personal goal quickly gained traction across Twitter.

Linda Codega in Gizmodo

Most importantly at Full Moon Storytelling, everything will be built with my players in mind (as SlyFlourish suggests for cities), because backstory without tablestory is a novel. The paths will help determine my next entry in Dungeon 23, the peoples (which could also include monsters) are created using my notecard NPS system, the peculiars are so that players have a hook to remember.


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