Timelines in the World of the Everflow

The timeline of the World of the Everflow is getting harder for me to track. There have been six campaigns with some overlap in both reality and at the table. In order for me to keep better track of events and so that the players and their characters have a better idea of events in the past prior to the campaign I started to build a timeline.

The desire is that these are basically small phrases containing history, not a book of common knowledge to study. I’ll be adding to this as the players remind me of events, create things from their own history or ask questions.

Current day

Uprising & Rebellion 2 and Gendarmmes of Sheljar

One year ago

Red Oak burns, allowing red dragons to be born; Uprising & Rebellion 1; 7th Fleet of Daoud encamps to the south of Kirtin-on-the-Lake

Five years ago

Dragons and the Ken fly to Kirtin-on-the-Lake; Sheljar is freed from Necromancy and the Tunneling Nightmares; some Scholars (Diviner, Necromancer) are made public; Kin can learn magic

Six years ago

Goblin Queen’s Fleet lands near Sheljar; Discovery of the Lorebook of Divination; Children of Chorl created; Eruption of Dakan Thaeeb; Lorebook Hunters start their search

Twenty-seven years ago

Sheljar falls to the Necromancer

Twenty-eight years ago

Born Generation

Seventy years ago

Crinth Confederation re-structures to stop expansion of Azsel

One hundred and twenty-two years ago

Kirtin loses Kirtin-on-the-Lake again

Two hundred and twenty-four years ago

Kirtin retakes Kirtin-on-the-Lake

Four hundred and sixty-four years ago

Daoud takes Kirtin-on-the-Lake

Seventeen hundred years ago

Az and Sel establish the Bond, rising to godhood; other bondings besides dogs are discovered; the Goliath nation of Galinor disappears

Two thousand years ago

Church of Quar controls the Everflow and the Font of Two paths, becoming a continent wide faith; Mehmd closes off the empire with foreigners only allowed at Gate

Millenia ago

Quar and the gods create Habergeon, the Everflow and separate the Lands of the Six Kingdoms from the world of magic

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