Beer Review: +1 Charisma Pale Ale from Boundary Bay

A beer? For nerds! It’s getting to be more and more common these days. Classic Bellingham brewery Boundary Bay’s +1 Charisma took a journey down to me via a coworker.

Once upon a time I was a distributor for Boundary Bay. I’m not any longer. Their Scotch Ale was one of the beers at my wedding, and I consider it one of the best of that variety.

This beer was a gift from a friend.

Boundary Bay +1 Charisma Bay Ale

Close up of +1 Charisma's 12 ounce can. It looks like a character sheet.

Beer Review

First, let’s talk about the beer like a beer.

Reminiscent of their classic IPA with lighter hop character. It has bitterness, like a classic pale or western IPA. There’s some malt character, providing a crispness. A good balance with the mosaic and moteuka hops.

Boundary Bay didn’t overdue anything and for someone in the PNW or who regularly drinks strong beer this could be considered a session at only 5.5% ABV and 42 IBU.

If you are looking for a easy drinking, quality beer that treads that line between West Coast IPA and classic Pale Ale with no haze or sweetness this should be on your game table.

It currently isn’t on the tap list nor available for order on the website, which tells me this is a Bellingham, WA only release.

D&D Character Review

The can art is a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet, and properly done.

Vorlauf the Great is a 5th level sorcerer with a brewer background. The art makes it look like a custom lineage (hop plant humanoid).

Str: +1
Dex: -2
Con: +2
Int: -2
Wis: +1
Cha: +1

That’s a valid set of stats for the AC 14, speed 30, initiative -2, +3 proficiency bonus character with the Saving Throws all correctly done. Their preferred spell is Fireball, though I would have been tempted to use something with acid or Hideous Laughter, because it’s a beverage.

The available spell slots are true to the game, as is the Brewer’s Tools. There is a custom magic item, an Ale of Bewitching (Wondrous, Rare). The section Features and Traits includes the tasting notes.

Unlike many who dabble in D&D inspired merchandise, Boundary Bay’s artist seems to actually play the game. This character isn’t merely an homage, it’s the real deal. This is a playable, if not quite optimized character. I’ll be adding Vorlauf as an NPC to one of my games.

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