Lore Collage: Dungeons & Dragons movie adds another big name, new product announced Tuesday, and dozens more items to read and watch

Sometimes you go to bed thinking ‘self tomorrow’s story is already written.’ Then you wake up and major news breaks as Wizards of the Coast is teasing a product announcement for Tuesday. Before we get into that, and the movie news, let’s review what Full Moon Storytelling had for you last week. There was a review of what the site is all about and a post related to this month’s Blog Carnival as the history of the Everflow was made public for the first time.

Let’s get into the news, which leads off with the Dungeons & Dragons movie from Paramount and eOne, again.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

Dungeons & Dragons Movie News

Last week week we learned that Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith joined Chris Pine. This week it is RegĂ©-Jean Page, yeah from Bridgerton, is joining the party — no, we don’t know if they are all actually heroes, yet. As a reminder, the studio space that Paramoun/eOne are using is the same one that Game of Thrones used.

The scale of actors brought aboard have people asking if this will be the next MCU. Let’s be honest the only thing remotely on par with the MCU at this time is the Fast & Furious universe. D&D now shares one of their actors.

New Book Release Announcement Tuesday February 23

The teaser from Wizards of the Coast doesn’t announce a release date, but thanks to online retailers we know that the product announcement is Feb 23 for a book coming out on May 18 – a great birthday gift for me.

The Mist Beckons

Guess we’ll all be heavily online this week as we learn just where in the demiplanes of Ravenloft we’ll be going. This will be the second book with a Ravenloft theme, the first time that Wizards of the Coast returns to a non-Forgotten Realms setting for a second book in 5th edition. The most recent Unearthed Arcana featured mechanics for three horror-based races as well.

Other Official News

Want to play D&D in an English Castle? One lucky winner of a Comic Relief donation-raffle will get a seat at the table when the pandemic next permits what was an annual event.

Every Saturday morning I listen to #DragonTalk. This week my question for Anthony Rapp, of Star Trek: Discovery fame, made the show.

Advice for Dungeons & Dragons Payers and DMs

DnDBeyond.com has new stories on Chase Scenes and how to create WandaVision in your home games.

If you reward combat, and only combat, that’s the kind of game you’re going to get. This rule may be true in cRPGs, but it’s also true for D&D.

Avoid Total Party Kills by giving the players the types of tips that their characters would already notice.

Playing D&D in Civic Spaces During the Pandemic

Madison, WI public libraries are hosting D&D, as well as expanding their other tabletop gaming content. Their games use DnDBeyond and a video conference softward. This makes a lot of sense, as Madison is one of the birthplaces of the game.

Larimie County, WY public libraries are hosting D&D. Their games use Discord.

Arlington Heights Memorial Library is hosting a D&D character building session.

Kitsap County Library on Bainbridge Island, WA is hosting Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Every week more libraries and community centers are diving into Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons is Mainstream Now

People in isolation struggle to find socialization. This is true during a pandemic; this is true during prison. In both cases, D&D has helped create and maintain connections. | Dungeons & Dragons Is the Pandemic Distraction My Family Needs – The New York Times

Need ideas for Date Night? Sure you do. Try D&D, or maybe board games. | 8 creative date night options to make winter a little more fun – Omaha World-Herald

The Royal Society of Chemistry takes a deep dive into the reality of D&D’s famous poisons. | The critical role of chemistry in D&D poisons – Chemistry World

Up in British Columbia, Canada a writer for Simon Fraser University praises D&D for helping them through the pandemic. | How Dungeons and Dragons got me through 2020 – The Peak

Other Geek Stuff

Swordsfall’s art drop is an evocative piece showing a caravan passing along the side of a cliff with some monsters looming on one edge.

Yeah, I made about twenty icebergs just to see how they would float.

Before I was a D&D nerd I was a Star Trek nerd. This new site is a home to celebrate the Women of Trek.

10 great RPGs that aren’t D&D.

As Always, Maps

Maps and an education about Roman London.

For those playing in modern or cyberpunk games this tool enables you to turn a neighborhood into the target of an investigation or attack.

Free is a great price.

Change the orientation on a map, and change how you view the world.

And another great map from Dyson Logos.

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