Lore Collage: D&D movie adds two more talents; how to play videos from Wizards and Todd Kenreck, dozens of other news items about your favorite game

Inspiration is everywhere, and anywhere. Read a story about mushroom bricks? Add mushroom bricks to your world. Read a story about how dinosaurs weren’t actually as fast as people think? Adjust their speeds. Everything is prep — even a cold spell and winter storm that hits 1/3 of the country. That should help inform your Rime of the Frostmaiden sessions.

Let’s get into the news, which leads off with the Dungeons & Dragons movie from Paramount and eOne.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

Dungeons & Dragons Movie News

Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith are joining Chris Pine in the D&D movie project from Paramount and eOne/Hasbro. Most of the news around this is bare-bones, but one thing stick out — Rodriguez and Pine are both already part of multi-billion dollar franchises (Fast & Furious, Avatar, Star Trek, Wonder Woman/DCU). The aim on this project is huge. There is no indicator that the studios are just floating the movie as a possible success. They are targeting the type of success that creates new sub-studios and genre defying popularity. Vulture thinks they may just have a chance.

Will Hasbro be able to ride the success of 5th edition during the pandemic into something even bigger?

New to the Game?

Two new video series look to guide first-time players through the experience.

Yawning Portal Games Sign Up Opens for February

Looking for a game and can’t find one locally during the pandemic? The Yawning Portal hosts Adventurer’s League games and original adventures once a month with official virtual D&D. Their doors are back open.

Idle Champions

Idle Champions creator Codename Entertainment grabbed Todd Kenreck (creative manager) and Lauren (community manager) from Fandom unit DnDBeyond. Codename also recently added the Combat Wheelchair to their game.

Advice for Dungeons & Dragons Payers and DMs

There are a lot of ways to cheat in D&D. All of them are dumb, unnecessary, and fun ruining. Don’t cheat while playing D&D.

Build your villains the same way pro wrestling does — big, over-the-top and vibrant.

Use this one cool trick to connect the party before they adventure together.

TechRadar talks about using your smart speaker to add sound effects to your game. At Full Moon Storytelling we were fans of Syrinscape back in our in-person sessions.

Third-Party Products

Free NPC token pack? Free NPC token pack for VTTs.

Playing D&D in Civic Spaces During the Pandemic

As someone who grew up in the 80s, with a mom who bought into the Satanic Panic, I will never get used to libraries and community centers hosting D&D for the general public.

The Sachse Library out in Texas is hosting D&D.

Laney decided it would be best to host the ses­sion on Zoom. He says he will also utilize tools and resources from the website dndbeyond.com, which can help new play­ers with character creation and help him manage the games. He also contacted Wizards of the Coast, the publisher for Dun­geons and Dragons, who said they are proud to support li­brary and school D&D groups. The publisher donated digital copies of all published Dun­geons and Dragons 5th Edition sourcebook.

A Sonoma theater is hosting a D&D inspired play. The actor-player-actor cycles just doesn’t stop.

U Mass – Farmington is hosting D&D in the Commons. They are also presenting discussion groups and lectures on the game.

Ocean City Public Libraries in New Jersey are hosting both middle school and high school D&D sessions. If you’re ever in Ocean City, check out their beach. My grandad worked on some of the building design.

Dungeons & Dragons & Mainstream

GameRant wants D&D to have an official VTT. For me this would be an error that forces homogenization. Just like every home table in the pre-pandemic varied, so should the virtual tables around which we gather. Some DMs work best with a video camera and story without any specific mechanics tied to the digital world. Others may like a complete customizable virtual game that approaches video game levels of detail. Find the one that is best for your group and use it.

The Star Trek: Discovery cast plays D&D. Star Trek News is now recapping their adventures.

They’ve shared art styles for years, and now metal bands are playing D&D on Twitch.

Another story about how D&D saved people’s social experiences during the pandemic, this one out of Lancaster.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon of the 80s was too short lived. If you miss it, or need to know what it is Boing Boing has your write up, and shared this video.

Other Geek Stuff

Looking for other RPGs not just D&D? This winter has a bunch coming out.

The second most popular fantasy RPG has a new beginner’s box out.

D&D isn’t the only fantasy property getting a new look. Netflix is launching Redwall with a movie and TV series.

The Dragon Prince is getting an RPG. You can test it out now.

As Always, Maps

A pastoral town that demands a story.

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