Lore Collage: More D&D movie news, Stranger Things cast plays D&D, gift ideas, and 28 other things to read and watch

As we’re speeding towards the peak holiday season there is more news about the Dungeons and Dragons movie, a monster manual of dad jokes, a few gift ideas, things to inspire your own adventures and more. This week’s Lore Collage also includes the Stranger Things one-shot adventure run by Chris Perkins.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

The D&D movie already has its studio space over in Belfast. Titanic Studios was made famous in fantasy circles as one of the studios involved in Game of Thrones. Speculators are going to speculate – can it be as popular as Lord of the Rings?

Here’s some guidance on how to play the Satyr from Odyssey of Theros.

His last effort as a DMs Guild Adept combines Dad Jokes and the Monster Manual. The Print on Demand version is on my wish list already.

FanWraps D&D Inspired Shirts and Other Gift Ideas

Kobold Press has Free Shipping from their warren to yours.

David Flor has a fun little adventure about an Abyssal Snowman?!

This sports inspired Swordsfall Logo is awesome.

Check the Full Moon Storytelling for more last minute gift ideas. With the broken Postal Service this year everything is going to be late, so you won’t have to make excuses.

D&D During the Pandemic

Spartanburg County Public Libraries are hosting virtual D&D. For more info on libraries and other civic institutions hosting the game follow my twitter thread.

As a fan of Friendly Local Gaming Stores, there’s joy in seeing local news cover an FLGS – in this case out in Lansing, MI.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

Dinosaurs with spines on their neck? The real world can help you create Beasts and Monstrosities. Your players won’t even know that they aren’t real.

SlyFlourish has advice on how to run a minimal prep sessions, even tighter than his Lazy Dungeon Master series.

Twenty awesome free adventures to help you spend the winter indoors.

When creating your worldspace remember that in the real world, even in 400 CE, people were connected. A Roman woman in London wore Chinese silks.

You can use a DC0 check to ungate information. This technique means there are no blocks on the adventure and that players with big bonuses still have advantages.

Some Icewind Dale art to inspire you.

This is what a Dungeoneer’s Pack looks like.

How do Gnomes make music?

Wintery locations to host your wintery adventures.

Dungeons, Dragons, and Mainstream News

Parsing Joe Manganiello’s appearances means DragonLance? Joe can’t stop talking about D&D while promoting his not-D&D movie. At this point there’s probably no one doing more to mainstream our favorite game.

Another local paper editorialist talks about D&D.

Other Geek Stuff, not D&D

Solve this dungeon RPG and get great beer.

Firefly might be back, sadly as a reboot that targets a younger age group.

As Always, Maps

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