Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year

Back when I ran I wrote most, maybe all?, of the holiday messages. Usually they tended to focus on the purpose of the day. Now, with a slightly different audience, that continues.

One of the lessons of 2020 is that the search for joy can be difficult. For the most part we are separated from the friends and family that make life so awesome. Our D&D tables are now virtual, losing some of that companionship that is at the core of the game. They’re also harder to schedule, because even though we are home more frequently, some people have bandwidth or computer limitations, others just need to not go from bad screen to good screen because it ruins the good screen.

This is probably why lonely play and online conversation about the game is expanding. When I can’t find a table I do a lot more thinking about my setting, how to expand story via mechanics, and ideation about how my mundane life can grow into fantastic tales. [This is me thinking aloud, and quite possibly not a normal holiday letter]

Christmas in 2020 is going to stretch for a few more weeks because of the way shipping is overwhelmed, both intentionally and not. This will be wonderful for all of us. It means little sprinkles of holiday cheer will appear over many more days.

Rather than concentrate on how the shipping delays damage Christmas, please consider them an extension of joy and that we are all “Simply having a wonderful Christmastime” that lasts long enough to lessen the pains of 2020.

I wish all who read my little corner of the internet a Merry Christmas, a Happy Yuletide, and a Joyous New Year.

Sometimes our Christmas Tree is decorated with the Christmas cards people send.

Below I’ve added the nearly-annual letter we send out to friends and family. If you’d like a letter in the future hit me up via email or Direct Message.

Hello friends and family,

When 2020 started we thought we’d spend more time seeing you. There were weddings, reunions, road trips, and more that were planned. Dave was supposed to return to work in baseball with Tacoma Rainiers while continuing his work with Tacoma Defiance. Kristin continued her real estate journey – prepared for a year of home market valuations and open houses.

Then, well, everything that made 2020, twenty-twenty, happened.

The biggest beneficiaries of this year have been Aslan, Remi, and Luca – they’re getting more walks, pets, care, and love than ever before.

Dave re-launched his personal website ( mostly focusing on short fiction and gaming, with a sprinkle of soccer appearing on occasion.

In between helping clients buy/sell homes, Kristin has been reworking the space in our spare bedroom to make it more usable as a home office while also organizing various closets and cabinets in our home. Please keep her in mind for anyone you know who is looking to buy or sell in the greater Seattle area (or as a referring agent elsewhere.)

Together, we’ve purged a bunch of clutter from our lives, discovered new recipes, and learned to appreciate the little things in life more than ever.

Like you, we are looking forward to 2021 – a year of good health and good memories. One of the strongest lessons of this year is that we’re not going to wait to do things. When it’s practical and safe again, we’re going spend time with friends & family that have only been present digitally for too long.

With Love & Hope

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