Uprising and Rebellion Session Two & Three & Four: Burning of the Red Oak; Dock District Militia Forms

Red Oak Burns!

Elves set the Red Oak ablaze with a mystical fire; Their Dragon and Gnome kin escape the Ward of Mighty Trees as noble defenders of the weak help the ward’s weakest; Daoud guard ineffective; Dock District forms own armed militia, refusing Daoudian assistance

Several stories cover the week since the Carnival War.

Dock District, Kirstin-on-the-Lake | Neremyn Quizana

Over the last three sessions the group kidnapped the governor, convinced him to fund the arming of the Dock District Militia, and had him deliver a speech to the people of the Dock District. They promised to help repel the mages and dragons that set the mystical fire to the Red Oak, murdered several members of the guard, and attempted to kill the governor.

Governor le Riche is not willing to cede anything but the Dock District at this time, though the group will be welcomed within the Ward of Mighty Trees. Outside of those two districts the City Guard will be wary at best, and frequently threatening.

The group managed to gain enough arms and armor to outfit 20 militia with chain shirts, 3 Javelins, and a longsword. Ten other militia have glaives, scale mail, and short swords.

A large segment of Daoudian infantry has set camp to the south of the city. Originally sent to deal with the uprising this infantry, in the royal blue and gold of the Queen, is now established in a way to prevent a ground attack by the Ken.

Cast of Characters


Req (male dwarf paladin-vengeance) — the dock worker left the Land of Ken to pursue the new world in the Land of the Everflow. He is finding his way among the working class of the lake city.

Roland (male human rogue-thief) — the former sage was recently fired from his position in local university. His teachings challenged Daoud’s control of Kirtin-on-the-Lake. He has a small cat that avoids all conflict.

Whym (female halfling ranger-gloom stalker) — the former circus member is of noble heart and fights to protect those who are threatened by darkness. She has a huge dog, Kelb.

Quelimo  Galanodel, aka Q (male elf rogue-propagandist) — the former journalist in Ken has combined techniques learned while working in the lands of magic with the praktikum of the gobkons. Now he publishes broadsheets in Kirtin-on-the-Lake pushing warnings against his own kind as well as building support for an independent KotL.


Two Goblin kids — The two kids were being harassed by Daoud guards. Our likely heroes helped the kids get out from under the guards eyes. Our heroes also bought two clockwork toys (14gp total for a cat and a dog). They are originally from Sheljar and their airxip arrived at the docks just a few days ago. This ship fled KotL after the dragon attack.

Penzer — owner/operator of the Rusty Clam. Penzer now trust Roq and helped the group exit the district through the sewers. He is a squat halfling with a lazy, older wolfhound.

Wilkie, a Member of the Guard — One of the guard is a former student of Roland’s. He is friendly, though disrespectful. So far he is willing to gossip about former classmates. He is unwilling to fight the people of his city. Roland arranged a meeting with his former student. He is a human with a seagull companion. Wilkie is now a Sergeant within the official Daoudian guard and the lone representative of the Gov

Odger — a teacher who runs a small library. Odger put the group up for the night. He will provide safe-haven, but not fight. He is a goliath with 10 swallows as companions. Loyal to Governor.

Governor Roreldus Androouet le Riche, Servant of the Queen and Commander of the Northern Fleet and the 3rd Marines —  a weak man more concerned with power than justice. Will do nearly anything to maintain the place of prominence in KotL. The Northern Fleet are two boats that roam the lake and are maintained on Androouet Isle in the middle of the lake. The 3rd Marines no longer exist.

Emdock Athew — a human speculator/smuggler who is the captain of a small airxip. His First Mate, Koits, is loyal to Emdock, but the rest of the crew tolerates the human outsider. Crew is Koits, seven other goblins, and two mulgobs (one of the mulgobs took a liking to Req & Whym and is currently unnamed).

Koits — the goblin First Mate who does know common. He works for Emdock out of loyalty earned from an unknown incident.

Places of Interest

Rusty Clam — a lower class dive bar that serves the dockworkers and related laborers. It is Req’s favorite bar. Penzer runs it, but Req gets his name wrong most of the time. The Rusty Clam has sewer access big enough for humans and smaller peoples.

Cracked Mug — a higher class bar for ship captains and other officers. The alley besides the Cracked Mug seems to be the source of the rebels vandalizing the posters advertising the upcoming festival. Brilene is the owner of the Cracked Mug. She bought it after retiring from the Daoud Navy. Her companion is an older Bay Retriever.

Barracks — the group knows the location of the barracks where the Daoud guard responsible for the Dock District rest and refresh. The Dock Militia (they need a cool name) now occupies the barracks.

Ogder’s Library —  outside of Ogder’s Library is a fountain with access to the sewers for all sizes of people. It is a large main room with space for 8 human-sized students to sit in circle around a goliath-sized lounge chair. The walls up to the 25 foot ceiling are covered in books. There is a small (for a goliath) side room with a single desk, wardrobe, and daybed as well.


Lake Docks — a rough neighborhood of longshoreman and the businesses that serve them. There is a river to the north that brings goods from Kirtin-in-the-Sky as well as one to the west that flows into the lake that gets occasional goods from Gate (Mehmd). The river that flows out of the lake drifts to the south and east, eventually reaching the eastern ocean and Daoud’s largest port on that side of the continent.

University — Roland used to teach in the University District. There is a Temple to Glight, a couple large libraries, many places such as Ogder’s office, a large fountain supplies water. There are small manufactured amphitheaters for classes and debates. The University District has never been attacked by any invading force during the Six Kingdoms era, nor the Post-Awakening Age.

Ward of Mighty Trees — this once squalid neighborhood is the ancestral home of a draconic empire. The red oak now burns and there is evidence that more trees will convert to DragonTrees at various points over the next few months.

North Shore — is a middle class district of mostly craftspeople who are generally loyal to Daoud. It exists on both sides of the city wall. The shore is unusually flat and incapable of being used for shipping.

Clues and Hints

Roland learned draconic. Upon reading the stolen scroll he learned that there is another ritual planned for the Eclipse of Feylf on Spring 57, which at the end of the last gaming session is 13 days away.

There is a thief(s?) working the ships and boats at the docks. They are stealing jewelry, metal toys, glass baubles. At this time this issue is not known to be related to the Uprising, nor the Draconic Invasion.

Thunder from Shadows is leading the rebellion. Is it a group or a man who is above Q?

old: Q is the pamphleteer, and wanted by authorities. The group now has a woodblock stamp image of the elf as well as a description with his location being at/near the Cracked Mug.

old: Roland’s old student, Wilkie, is meeting the group tomorrow evening.

old: Posters advertising the Festival of Feylf are being torn down and replaced by a rebel group. This has become common enough that even new arrivals to the city have seen it happen in broad daylight. The Festival is four days out.

old: Daoud is increasing the Dock District guard prior to the Festival of Feylf. This seems to be a response to the arrival of airxip from Sheljar as well as visitors from the Western Wildes.

Grand Themes

There is a Draconic Invasion of Kirtin-on-the-Lake that is forcing the Uprising and Daoud to find ways to work together, around their issues with each other. The group has learned that the dragons once ruled the Land of Kin from the Ward of Mighty Trees.

Uprising & Rebellion as the story of Free Sheljar spreads the people of Kirtin-on-the-Lake want to be free of the Empire of Daoud. Thunder from Shadows is a group or leader of the Rebellion.

Proctors of Grace are People of Ken who shuttered the Land of the Everflow off from magic. They have taken over most of the Western Wildes.

The Scholars are a group of People of Kin who had powerful magic as long as they worked with the Proctors to control the rest of the Land of the Everflow.

Lorebook Hunters of Free Sheljar have gathered at least three Lorebooks and seem to have opened the Land of the Everflow to magic again.

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