Session Report: An airxip journey

With various desires to return to Telse, as well as a discovery that the people of Qin may have a couple Scholars hiding in their midst, the group flies the working airxip from the Temple of Wisdom over the Western Wildes. The crew is a mix of goblins, rescued pirates and player characters. Together, they will head towards the mountains just to the east of Telse.

Session Notes:
Mansaray, Samul, Doceo, Aamar were present as active PCs.
Mo, Behn, Saffron and Ixnyx travel via the airxip, but are crew, not PCs.
The remaining characters are in Sheljar. Ajhenas and Kuda are on the Tower Island creating a military, while Telley is on the settled island with the Temple of Wisdom (where the goblins hid) helping the people make a life there.  Braaz, and Els are working on restoring the two homes on the south end of the Island Inn.
Shonie is retired and remains in Telse. She features in this story as an NPC, barely.

The session began with a sharing of information.There is great concern for Telse. Firbas, the ale drake, let’s them all know that the Proctors declared war on the Scholars that remain, as well as any caster that has escaped the normal bonds placed on Kin. Aamar and Saffron are targets due to their Lorebooks. Behn is a target as well. Combating the Proctors with their fleet of dragons is not yet practical.

But the present PCs learn that the Scholars are a mixed group of potential allies, definite enemies and aloof erudite knowledge seekers. Those that cannot be convinced to side against the Proctors have Lorebooks or similar devices. Those can help in a battle of mighty magic backed by dragons against the scrappy Kin, who are defined by their beloved companions.

Qin seems to have one or two of those Scholars. Parun, or his boss, is probably one as well. There is also Chorl, who they will need to finish off at some point. But for now, south to Telse and eventually Qin is their direction.

The group gets a few volunteers from their rescued allies and borrows the working airxip, a small two-master with one heat room, and two huge props to help it travel. They head out.

Just a day into their journey they notice a camp with a central holding facility, four tents and a few dozen dogs. This is in the territory where they know that Parun’s Azsel forces roam.


They will attempt to rescue the captives, and if Parun is present end his service to Azsel.

It is a harsh battle. There is a warlord, mage, two archers and two scouts in opposition. Plus, as Azsel-ites most have dogs that come in a latter wave. That wave is almost entirely wiped out by a single fireball from Doceo.

Mansaray versus the warlord is almost like a kaiju battle. The two trade blow and blow and blow as the fight rages around them. Samul focuses on the archers. Doceo tries to end the threat from the scouts. Aamar and the mage trade spells and blows.

The victory leaves them bloodied, wounded, drawn down and exhausted. Unfortunately, Parun is not at this camp. His raiders are working the West unhindered. The group attempts to convince those rescued to head to Sheljar for safety.

After another couple days of travel they arrive above Upper Telse. The xip settles into a mountain valley. Doceo visits Shonie to collect the rest of his cash from the merchant-seeker. There they find out that the Everflow isn’t flowing.

Aamar attempts to visit Sealm, the wizened leaders of the Faithful. Sealm has passed away. His grand-nephew Nils is not around Upper Telse. Sealm’s passing happened on the same day that the Everflow stopped.

Bishop Ollium and the rest of Quar’s church have some Everflow bottled and saved, but they will run out. The two rivers will stop flowing shortly after the locks on the pool let out their remaining water. The economy of Telse, Ooshar, Mira, Qin and others count on that river traffic and/or the magical, healing waters of the Everflow.

And there are dragons seeking to destroy the city.

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One thought on “Session Report: An airxip journey

  1. While prepping for today’s session I found two note cards from the last one. I’m going to add some details here.

    The group only took 7 gobkons with them. The Goblin Captain (Ilazia), 2 muls to work the props, 2 muls to work the fires, and 2 hobs up in the rigging.

    Fiebras Flamehowler is the aledrake. His elven ally, since passed, was Leovold Grassteeth.

    Sealm was referred to as The Keeper of the Bless-ed Life. His Keeper Stone is the one that Aamar holds. Nora Millspar founded the Reformed Church of Quar, which invokes some of Sealm’s more natural faith and the traditional worship of Quar.

    Also, Mansaray learned that the Great Man will bond with the greatest of birds, the roc.


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