Integrating social narrative into combat – legendary points connected to a dragon’s hoard

In the World of the Everflow all dragons have hoards. At this point of Uprising and Rebellion the group has met those that hoard books (paper dragons), jewels and fine art (jaculus), animal companions (black dragons) and strife (blue dragons).

Heading towards the final faceoff with the great wyrm blue dragon there’s a desire to connect the size of the hoard in that Wyrm’s sphere of influence to its power – subsequently allowing actions by the players to reduce the hoard.

This will be done by combining the Legendary Resistance and Legendary Action pools. Legendary Resistance will still be a use and lose item while Legendary Actions will be regained at the start of the dragon’s next turn. A pool of physical objects will symbolize the size of the pool. This will represent the intelligence the group learns about the Wyrm.

A blue-green dragon atop a mossy rock leers over a large d20. Behind it is a river
The Wyrm watches the d20 rolls

The Blue Wyrm currently resides in the mayor’s palace, having thrived off the strife caused by the rebellion and the Mayor’s corruption. But the heroes have shown that their rebellion is built on hope, a less stratified society and a city capable of trade again. Now just three dragons stand in the way of freedom, possibly.

Things the characters could do to reduce strife;

  • Healing, feeding Kirtin-on-the-Lake’s residents
  • Freeing animal companions bound to Shadow and Darkness, the two black dragons
  • Increasing trade of desired goods within the war torn city
  • Establishing a popular governance path after the Mayor’s abdication
  • Reducing the size of the 7th Fleet encampment outside of the city
  • Teaching utility cantrips

I’m certain the party will surprise me with other ideas.

Things that can increase strife;

  • War with the 7th Fleet
  • Teaching more attack cantrips
  • The Mayor reclaiming the seat of government
  • Open battle in the streets

They will again surprise me with ideas that create a less peaceful city.

The Wyrm is going to start with five legendary points in the penultimate session for this story arc. The session will be split between the plan to pick the territory of battle (palace, tunnel, cave) and preparations that could include reducing the Wyrm’s power.

This tweak to the standard rules should connect a social session to the grand combat ending the Wyrm’s arc.


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