Temple of Oun and Obscon, the Lords of the End | Dungeon 23

After the quick, safe ride on the sky-cable, you arrive at the top of a small tower. On the isle with the City Center this temple was abandoned when all of Sheljar turned their backs upon Oun and Obscon. These twin gods of death, endings, and darkness were rejected when the dead started to walk the earth again.

The gondola stops atop the pillar shape of the temple, in a haphazard wooden frame, with large hole knocked out of the roof.

Map by Dyson Logos, released as part of his commercially available project.

This narrow temple is cramped for hobgoblins, mulgoblins, goliath and large animals. These tight turns in the cold stone pass quickly as most try to exit the dark temple to dark powers as fast as they can. Though the Necromancer had nothing to do with Oun and Obscon the stench of death is too strong.

On the ground floor a search can result in finding the sealed secret door with an Intelligence check (DC 18). Intelligence, Culture (Sheljar), Religion are proficiencies that may apply if the characters act in ways that would connect them.

That secret door is sealed tight with iron bands. A Strength check (DC 20) can break through. Athletics and certain tools will help open it. Magic could be used as well.

If there is a desire to see how long that secret door has been sealed those that succeeded on the various checks would know that the seal is 25 years old, just as the Necromancer was coming to power. Is there a connection? Why not open the door and find out?

Learn more about the Faiths of the Six Kingdoms here.

I’m doing Dungeon 23, but instead of making a megadungeon, I’m using it to expand my campaign world (some are calling this World23), but do so in a way that could be relevant to my players. I guess it will be a point-crawl-ish 23. Sometimes those points will be five-room dungeons. Sometimes they will be cities. There will always be paths between them, peoples population them, and peculiar memorable features.

What is Dungeon23?

Dungeon23 is a daily writing practice that is built around game design. Every day the participant will design another room in a dungeon, and at the end of the week they will have a complete level. The next week starts the process over until you have 52 dungeon levels. Sean McCoy of Tuesday Knight Games, the press behind the award-winning TTRPG, Mothership created the challenge almost on accident, with a tweet about his newest project and an image of his notebook. But the indie TTRPG scene is nothing if not excitable and easily swayed by a challenge, and McCoy’s personal goal quickly gained traction across Twitter.

Linda Codega in Gizmodo

Most importantly at Full Moon Storytelling, everything will be built with my players in mind (as SlyFlourish suggests for cities), because backstory without tablestory is a novel. The paths will help determine my next entry in Dungeon 23, the peoples (which could also include monsters) are created using my notecard NPS system, the peculiars are so that players have a hook to remember.


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