Winning LEGO Ideas D&D project is miniature adventure

Of course I voted in the LEGO Idea x Dungeons & Dragons event. Back in high school I used LEGO’s castle and pirate sets while playing D&D. When LEGO announced the contest the one I liked best brought back those memories. But it also brought back memories of stereotypical D&D. And it won.

From the original entry, where you can see the cave with the Beholder and a diverse D&D party.

Let’s work from left to right, bottom to top.

That may be a house, but it’s probably an inn or tavern. “You meet in a tavern” is a D&D trope.

Next is a bit of wilderness adventure. There’s a stream and a tree. Because you have to travel to the castle.

Inside that castle is also a cave system, with a Beholder. Beholders are giant floating eyeballs with extra eyeballs that shoot magic spells at you. They are one of the classic monsters in the game.

Of course there’s also a traditional castle. That castle’s tower is wrapped up by a dragon. Finally we have the dragon of Dungeons & Dragons. The party is split, of course, because despite the axiom to not split the party they frequently do split. One is climbing the exterior of the tower while another walks along the halls of the castle.

The six minifigs make a great party. Again from left to right, they look like a half-orc rapier wielding fighter/rogue, a Black human wizard or sorcerer, a likely elven bard, maybe a fire genasi barbarian, a tiefling paladin, and a rogue or ranger.

That’s pretty good variety of role, of identity and of mini-figs.

I cannot wait to get this. It will be great on my desk for me to look at or on the shelf behind me so that people on video calls can see it.


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