Lore Collage: Adventurer’s League changes, UA survey, and 38 other items to read and watch this week.

This is the final week for Lore Collage to contain the “Inspiration” section. Instead that will be spit out as simpler quick articles similar to Inspiration is Everywhere: Trees. This is part of my effort to show that everyone is creative enough to play Dungeons & Dragons, as well as a reinforcement of the concept that every lived moment is prep for a Dungeon Master.

Last week, on the Wolf Moon, I published my latest tiny fiction. Please read it and the other fiction on this here blog because frankly, I like it when people see my stuff.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

Adventurer’s League

The biggest news in D&D land is that the Adventurer’s League is moving all support to within official D&D channels. You’ll find games, rules announcements, and related news through the Yawning Portal. Whereas many see this as a reduction in the importance of AL, folding its presence within the tent where fans would look for D&D stuff more than anywhere else consolidates and amplifies its presence. It is no longer an adjunct, but a feature.

Alphastream (Teos) is a huge advocate for AL. He reviews what the changes mean for a player or DM.

Unearthed Arcana: Gothic Lineages

The survey is already up for the Gothic Lineages UA. With race/lineages being light on mechanics there can be a quick practical review of those. POCGamer, who is one of the authors in Candlekeep Mysteries, says that the non-mechanical racial changes are necessary step that doesn’t go far enough. A sentiment that I share.

Other Wizards of the Coast Stuff

Screen Rant doesn’t like 5e slings, and I’m with them on that. My solve would be to switch up the typical 5e difference between standard and long ranges. Slings should have a much longer ranger available — let’s triple that.

Third-Party Products

Tribality reviews MCDM’s Arcadia, the latest effort in a D&D magazine. tl;dr — it’s pro quality with pros who have put in extensive effort building 3rd party products.

Streaming D&D Shows

Basements & Bugbears is a D&D show focused on suicide prevention and involving Broadway theater talent.

The latest streaming partner for Wizards of the Coast features puppets.

The top 68 D&D themed podcasts. My listens are at spots 1, 8, 38, and 52.

Playing D&D During the Pandemic

Wyoming county libraries continue to host D&D.

Saratoga Springs, Florida libraries are hosting D&D.

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland libraries are hosting D&D.

In Australia a group is using D&D to help children on the spectrum.

Dungeons & Dragons & Mainstream

Yes, that’s Black Irish rapper mixing medieval themes into her latest video. Fader has a review.

CNET reviews Heroes’ Feast, the D&D cookbook. This is still on my wishlist. As a flavor nerd I must have it.

Arizona State University’s student paper features the campus D&D and other RPG group.

If you’re a D&D fan and haven’t watched Onward yet you are missing the best D&D movie of 2020.

ABC (Australian version) focuses on how D&D helps writers of any genre.

Boston’s NPR station, WBUR, featured how D&D and Critical Role are helping people cope with the pandemic. The mainstreaming of the hobby will never stop surprising me.

In Huntsville, Alabama a D&Dthemed café opens and is featured in AL.com and its affiliates.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

I want to be a solo player who experiences this.

Every time there is a new discovery of ancient pre-history in the real world it is a reminder that your D&D world needs similar history. In this case a little girl found a 220-million year old footprint. Give your creation a sense of history.

Green Flame Blade without the green.

Always, always, always think about the foods that your character enjoys. Flavor can inform other character decisions. Why does your character enjoy cabbage soup thickened with bread crumbs?

Make people, not stats — design stronger characters for your game.

Tired: Bards | Wired: Wizards whose spellbook is a violin
My next D&D character is…

Other Geek Stuff

This game makes me want a Nintendo Switch. Linguistic archeology is a great fit for a D&D game as well.

Your dice storage boxes can look like swords and stuff.

SyFy has all the genre coming to your TV, or whatever screen you watch streaming shows and movies on these days.

Sundance Film Festival entry Cryptozoo tells the tale of unreal animals.

There’s a Magic: The Gathering video game that combines the lore and card play of MTG with the video game stylings of original Diablo.

That shanty-band we featured in a previous Lore Collage signed a major label contract.

As Always, Maps

This is your next hobbitton. It’s real.

If you make your own maps KM Alexander has a great new paintbrush for you.

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