Session 11 Group 1: Everyone wants a Lorebook

Leading up to Summer Festival Mayor Kellamon is notified that annual special ale from The Ferments did not arrive in its customary window (generally a week before the festival). Since it would take a large quantity of ale about a week to get to Telse this is their last opportunity to check on the status of the ale. A few messenger pigeons were sent, but none return. Saffron, Barkley and Samul are sent to check on the ale while Aamar continues to study the Lorebook. Maurice is tailing Piyu. Behn gets an invite to visitĀ Esmenet Fallaugher second of House Graysterm, the trade house of Qin that manages the South River and River Kirtin trade.

Session 10.5 Notes: Saffron and Samul’s players are present. None of the other players are present. Maurice and Behn’s characters were sent emails filling in their couple days in Telse. Some of those tales are relayed to the group in Session 11.

Saffron and Samul do find the ale. On the way Saffron finds a crown of forgetfulness at a waystation along the road. This crown is a simple band of a silvery metal and reminds them that Cortez bragged about wiping the minds of the unworthy who visited him.

A trail leads them off of the road along a path through a light forest to one of the untamed geysers. Along the way they rescue a dog that had been with the cart originally. This mastiff is loyal to them, but not a companion. There is no trace of the other mastiffs. A group of mephits, impish elementals fly up out of various geysers and pools. A quick fight with these creatures of smoke, steam and mud results in the rescued mastiff passing. There is no obvious leadership for these odd creatures. Nothing can explain why they’ve stolen the ale. The Ferments were already an odd place, and this theft makes it more strange. Something with access to a crown of forgetfulness and able to control elements is active in this land of liquors and geysers.

Samul and Saffron do manage to get the ale to Telse, but only in time for the Eclipse of Feylf on Summer 2 rather than Summer Festival on Summer 1. The party is ongoing, but Samul and Saffron discover some issues upon talking to their friends. At least one of Qin’s tradehouses know that they have the Lorebook in the Church of Quar. From Mo they learn that Piyu has a base outside the inner wall where he is operating his recovery operations. The Azsel ambassador also wants the Lorebook from The Five, who he hates.

That puts the list of people that may be alive and probably want the Lorebook at Chorl, Piyu, at least one tradehouse in Qin and maybe Cortez or maybe he’s just insane.

born to runA decision is made. They cannot defend themselves while in Telse and with the Lorebook. The tailend of the two-day celebration of Summer Festival is the perfect time to leave. The Five will split. Aamar, Maurice and Saffron will go down river towards Mira, where there may be some clues to find other Lorebooks and/or Scholars. They will do this with a fake Lorebook, leaving with some of the Telse militia on a routine barge going downriver along the North River to Fort Ooshar.

Samul and Behn will have the real Lorebook with them and sneak out at night. The Five will meet in six days at the crossroads on Sheljar Road and the road from Fort Ooshar into the Sheljar Fields. Together they will hide in the Stench of Sheljar since a vast majority of the Kin will never go into those swamps after the empire fell.

Session 11 notes: Samul and Behn’s players are present. The others will either play out their journey via Slack or at the table prior to a full session.

On the night of Summer 2 trying to sneak through the inner city Behn the Sorcerer with Mitzie and Samul the Barbarian are trying to sneak through the crowds. Behn is concentrating on sneaking rather than partying. This is unusual. Eventually he and his companions disappear through invisibility. They get through the inner wall and the ghetto of people who survived the destruction of Sheljar rather uneventfully. But now again visible in the morning they work towards the West Gate where Obsconites control the fringe of Telse. One of Obscon’s patrols meets them on the edge of a forest. The poor cultists die. Samul and Behn destroy the holy symbol of the faith and tie the bodies to the trees. Samul wants western Telse to be free of these types of people that ended the Empire of Sheljar.

The two and their Companions travel just off the Sheljar road, avoiding a caravan and the sparse homesteads. On Summer 6 they are nearly at the crossroads. That morning, finally back on a standard nightly sleep schedule they encounter a pile of burned skeletons. A few of the skulls have large tusks, a few others with tiny little mouths and huge foreheads. There are hands as small as a halfing’s hands but with longer fingers as well as femurs that are nearly as large a goliath’s thighs.
At the crossroads, with a caravansary, a ranch house and a house managing an orchard it’s the largest homestead they’ve seen in days. They take refuge in the caravansary overpaying for use of a stable-room and promising to help patrol the area that evening.
Samul and Behn join two humans on the patrol, both have dogs. As they walk the fenceline a crossbow bolt rips into one of the men from the ranch. He perishes and his retriever immediately collapses as well. Using one of his crafty little cantrips Behn gets light towards where the shot originated. The skirmish is quick. The large opponents are creatures not even from legend. They are unheard of and use huge crossbows that don’t need to be reloaded. Behn, Samul and one ranchhand survive. None of the opponents do.
Summer 7 is one day before the rest of The Five are to arrive. All of the caravansary are on high alert. These strange creatures are unknowns and in daylight are unrecognizable. They are one day from the Stench of Sheljar, three days from the city proper.

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