I sponsored a soccer team

A bunch of my friends play soccer. They’re not really good at it. Some didn’t start until they were adults. Which is odd, because we’re friends because of soccer. We met because of our shared love of the Seattle Sounders. They read my other blog, Sounder at Heart, and I support many of their endeavors in the Emerald City Supporters.

One of those endeavors is ECS Pub League. It’s a way for soccer fans to unite around soccer outside of cheering on our professional teams. It’s great! Everyone has a great time just hanging out with each other.

Pub League keeps growing. As a former sponsor, they reached out if I would sponsor again. Last time I sponsored it was for Sounder at Heart. But that’s unnecessary. Everyone in ECS already knows about Sounder at Heart.

This year Full Moon Storytelling is sponsoring Our Flag Means Offside FC.

If you can’t tell from the jerseys, the team is taking a pun-y look at Our Flag Means Death, pirates and soccer. One of the sub jerseys is “Dread Pirate Roberts #6” because there’s always a new Dread Pirate Roberts.

One reason Full Moon Storytelling is sponsoring a soccer team is because it helps the players have custom jerseys. Another reason is because my inner nerd wants a dozen more people aware of D&D and communal storytelling. Finally, Coach Farley did a great job with a redesign of the Full Moon Storytelling log to simplify it a bit for use on a jersey.

A thing I’m looking forward to doing is creating a D&D version of the players based on their pseudonyms, their idealized playing style and their favorite real soccer player. Combining all of that and using one of the art apps I love, I’ll make them a playable character for whenever they decide to roll dice and tell stories.

Who knows, maybe one of the players on the soccer team I sponsor will play Dungeons & Dragons for the first time because of this. Maybe not. That’s not the point. The point is my friends needed a tiny bit of help and I could.

Support your friends doing things they enjoy.


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