Excellent online tool for NPC portraits and traits

As a big advocate for NPCs built for social and exploration encounters, finding a tool that creates those randomly, with art, is wonderful.

Christian Oesch’s DM Heroes page throws together a handful of racial/lineage options with descriptions that are not centered on combat. Additionally there are suggestions on how to connect them to each other.

Veklani Skandalor

Female Dwarf Cobbler – If it doesn’t kill you…

Veklani’s suggested traits are;


70 years old (young adult)
4′2″ (128cm)
Normal voice
Speaks about themself in 3rd person.


Never changes their facial expression.
Hates the government.
Is happy because of a recent dream.


Asks the party to help their become a cult leader.
Wants to kill Erag Ambershard


Prays to Dugmaren Brightmantle, god of discovery (CG)

If you don’t have time to custom craft a handful of minor NPCs just in case, this tool does wonders. It also can be a handy tool to get quick art for your PC, though you’ll need to spend time tuning the various sliders and such. Reroll, Hero Forge and others might be better for that.

Here’s Thoumas built with ReRoll.

You can read about the Swarmkeeper of Terriers here.

Quick art for your characters, whether player or DM controlled, helps with immersion and inspiration. Find those tools that help you and your group enjoy the game most.

And if you have the funds for custom art, do that! Custom art is wonderful too.

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