Third-Party Thursday is all about Jeff Goldblum

Breaking up Lore Collage helps me spread the love to third-party creators a bit more. They aren’t buried, instead featured. Podcasts, mapmakers, settings creators, expansions and more — there’s so much 5e stuff out there. These are my favorite discoveries of the week.

Dark Dice inks Jeff Goldblum

Dark Dice is a long running podcast that is part actual play, part radio play. Their latest season added Jeff Goldblum. Yes, the same Goldblum you’re thinking of already. It’s a huge get for the small podcast. The coverage included Deadline, Yahoo, and Polygon.

io9 makes it seem like this pod just went from “hey maybe someday” to must listen. Goldblum embraces the game.

I guess it’s time for me to give it some time. I’ve enjoyed the radio play stylings of Godsfall, so I’m ready for more as the radio nerd I used to be.

Level Up Journeys

The latest playtest from Level Up is dedicated to the exploration pillar of play. The expansion of just journeys is enormous, and a compelling addition to any table. The stories which inspired D&D include so much detail about journeys, your game shouldn’t cut those moments down to two sentences.

Every wanderer needs a God

Deven Rue makes more than maps. She seeds stories inspired by her maps. One of those latest seeds is a Goddess of Maps. The Wandering Mistress guides those who travel for any reason. Add the Mistress to your world and you gain a deity, a guild and several boons.

Sirens: Battle of the Bards

Satine Phoenix’s latest project is an entire setting dedicated to bards. Egg Embry interviews Phoenix and creative partner Jamison Stone about Sirens: Battle of the Bards.

Combat Wheelchair pushback must stop

When Sara Thompson released a combat wheelchair to increase representation in D&D it was a great thing. Opening up the worlds of D&D and fantasy to more people is good. But then the pushback started, and then that pushback went to obscene and dangerous levels.

As always, maps

3 thoughts on “Third-Party Thursday is all about Jeff Goldblum

  1. I’m toying with a not-quite-West Marches style campaign, mostly because I’ve struggled with party continuity the last couple of years… Knowing this, I’ve been running one/two shots anyway, so having them loosely connected with a theme and giving the party the agency on the quests they choose to pursue is an appealing option. But I don’t want to go full-West Marches.

    I’m going to check out the Journeys playtest material, because it sounds like it would fit that concept pretty well.

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    • Having a set time and place that’s just “if you show up with your character we’ll find a way” is how I’ll do it. More like an episode of Star Trek than true Marches. The actors that can make it get featured.

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