D&D Movie adds another star; Dark Alliance on Game Pass

The second week of May always packs in a lot of festivals (there are four family birthdays plus Mothers’ Day all within a six day stretch), then I piled on the opening two games of the Tacoma Defiance broadcast season (with D&D references, because that’s who I am). Now, back to blogging.

Dungeons and Dragons movie adds Jason Wong

Not only is Jason Wong joining the D&D movie, per Deadline, his character has a name – Drallas. This seems to be an original character. Wong has been a regular in Silent Witness and White Dragon.

Dark Alliance will be on Game Pass

Whether PC, or current edition of the XBox, Microsoft fans will get Dark Alliance on day one. The co-op action RPG with hard rock vibes is not part of an early access, it’s just going to launch. As an old, I’m a fan of that.

D&D x Magic: The Gathering crossover preview

The Summer of Legend is coming. Thinking all the way back to when I started playing Magic up on the hills of Renton and Kent I expected the two games would have a crossover. That was back in 1993. Now, in the year of our lord 2021 it is finally happening.

New cards include famous D&D spells, magic items, and gods. Polygon collected the early previews.

Hasbro joining JP Morgan conference next week

The guest list doesn’t include anyone from Wizards specifically, but the presence of an eOne executive promises at least a tiny chance at some D&D movie or TV news.

As always, maps

Even more free maps

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