Lore Collage: Previewing the Mists of Ravenloft

The biggest news related to D&D the tabletop game is the upcoming setting book Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. If all you know is Barovia, the new book is about to add many more varieties of horror to your table or video chat games. The Black Dice Society is the perfect stream to introduce you to some of them, but it’s more than that.

On Tuesdays Lore Collage focuses on the D&D game of dice and paper.

Previewing Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

The official intro to the full book includes thoughts from the designers.

Lysa Penrose threaded snapshots from her advance copy over on Twitter.

Polygon, Forbes, and SyFy each were given an in-depth advance preview of a non-Barovia Domain of Dread. With over 30 Domains available, you can craft the perfect story for your table, even if you have players who follow all of the previews out there. There are still undead, constructs, cosmic horrors, and more lurking behind every page.

One of those Domains is Eberron’s Cyre, which disappeared after some kind of apocalypse during the Last War. Not only covered in Van Richten’s Guide, Cyre is also getting a deeper treatment from Keith Baker.

The Yawning Portal remains open for this weekend’s virtual play. You can enter the mists and enjoy Ravenloft before the book comes out.

Draconic Options Unearthed Arcana

The survey is up to review the various Draconic races, feats, and spells in the April Unearthed Arcana. There were a bunch of intriguing ideas, but at this time they feature major changes to a PHB race, as well as one of my favorite little peoples. When I filled the survey out I suggested that these draconic races should follow the subrace format of other races, rather the confusing way orcs exist.

Other news

D&D helped make Hasbro a lot of money.

As always, maps

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