Lore Collage: D&D movie begins filming

Lore Collage is shifting to a regular posting schedule with the aggregation of links having a specific focus. With more and more press being generated by the game, past links posts would have several dozen items, which is just too much.

That breakdown is;

  • Monday Movies and other franchise news.
  • Tuesday Tabletop – Official D&D games news and reviews.
  • Wednesday Playdates in Pandemic – library games, mainstream coverage of socialization via D&D, and advice for your table.
  • Thursday Third-party – promoting discovered homebrew and professional content
  • Friday – General geekery that I enjoy unrelated to D&D

Dungeons and Dragons movie starts filming

With the announced cast gathered in Ireland, filming began.

20 minutes of Dark Alliance gameplay

Dark Alliance looks like it is going to capture the hack-and-slash style that some tables prefer. Light on the roleplay, the heavy combat game fits a specific gaming niche. Gamerant likes Dark Alliance for those reasons.

Rick and Morty versus D&D special release

Not the boxed set, which isn’t part of my collection, this is the comics series featuring Rick and Morty with a Dungeons & Dragons twist. This special collector’s edition seems like a great gift for the right person (one of my earliest 5e players would dig it).

Hasbro D&D adjacent news

eOne, more well known for it’s movies (like D&D) and TV shows (like Grey’s Anatomy) is selling off its music assets for $385 million in cash.

Fanattik and Hasbro are going to release collectibles and tchotchkes with Magic: The Gathering as well as D&D themes. You’ll see even more licensed stuff caring the themes of your favorite games.

As always, maps

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