Add these prehistoric beasts to your animal companion and familiar catalogue

Who didn’t grow up loving dinosaurs? The massive ones were essentially real-life kaiju, and they populate so much Dungeons & Dragons lore. But prehistory also has smaller dinosaurs. These too belong in your D&D games. They make perfect low-level scene setting creatures — even more special they offer player characters new choices for Familiars and Animal Companions.

Via SyFy we learn of a small pterosaur that’s pretty darn cute. The sinomacrops bondei would make an excellent scout and their tiny little hands might be able to hold some spell components or messages.

Full Size paleoart courtesy of Zhao Chuang available at link

For stats, use a common bird – the Owl makes the most sense. But Ravens with their mimicry may make sense for you character. A talking tiny ‘saur that flits and floats about to help your wizard? Perfect!

The fact is that the world of inspiration for other beasties to be your best friend. From small carnivores like the Taien Sahul to the Sinomacrops Bondei your companions do not need to be confined to what is in the basic rules.

Dragons of Wales has wonderful art that fits many micro-dragons and ‘saurs.

There’s so much out there. Your world is a fantasy with imps and elves. Your companions can be beasts that are unreal, but power appropriate. Some may even have minor magical powers, slightly shifting their “natural” abilities because if your characters are imbued with magic, shouldn’t their animal companions also be blessed with fantastic abilities?

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Updated: Add these pre-whales too.

Updated again for this rhino-buffalo thing.

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