Lore Collage: D&D Virtual Weekend signups this week

Before we get into the gossip around Page, Adventurer’s League, great D&D podcasts, and a video game where you can play D&D inside the game, I’m going to remind you that travel distances in D&D should be about time, not distance. Use leagues, use daylong journeys, and add to the immersive and simplified feel of 5th edition.

If you need to run a naval skirmish with 2-6 ships on each side, here’s a rule set for you.

Official D&D Product Releases and Reviews

D&D Virtual Weekend Signups Start This Week

On Virtual Weekends you can play in Adventurer’s League, or in custom worlds from professional DMs.

Sign ups are live Tuesday. The event runs from April 16 to April 18.

Dungeons & Dragons Movie News

With Regé-Jean Page leaving Bridgerton, maybe for good, the Hollywood gossip and news services are all over where you can catch him next – in Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Variety
  • Insider
  • Like, it was everywhere. Snagging a rising star like that will get eOne and Paramount much attention.

Candlekeep Mysteries Reviews

Games Radar’s deep dive into the mini-adventure compilation.

Music to accompany the Caponic Being adventure.

Third-Party Products

Heroes’ Feast continues to surprise and delight book reviewers around the world, to include my hometown paper, the Seattle Times.

D&D Podcasts Besides Critical Role

Almost everyone knows about Critical Role, but there’s many other Actual Plays and edited performances that deserve your earholes.

Tech Radar has a Top 8. I love Not Another D&D Podcast which they have 5th. NADDPod also gets a plug at Pop.Inquirer.

The Adventure Zone is running into issues of popularity – how big can your family be?

Advice for Dungeons & Dragons Payers and DMs

Think DM is correct. As designed the Haversack is an underperforming magic item.

Deven Rue, a mapmaker you should be following already, has advice on how to create authentic characters that are blind or visually impaired.

POC Gamer goes behind the curtain on how to design a short adventure.

Playing D&D in Civic Spaces During the Pandemic

Over in Tarrytown, New Jersey, a youth organization launched to keep kids creative during the covid-19 pandemic. They are, of course, using D&D as one of those paths.

The Northland Public Library in Pittsburg is hosting a D&D game based around a sheep getting loose. A stellar start to a campaign that I’m going to borrow.

The Klamath Oregon library system is up to three teen D&D sessions a week now.

Over in Maryland, the Calvert County Library is the rare library running D&D for adults.

All Ada public libraries in Idaho are hosting D&D these days.

Dungeons & Dragons is Mainstream Now

Local multiplayer video games, that’s ones where you are on the same couch using the same console and screen, are increasing popular during the pandemic. Like Dungeons & Dragons (mentioned in story) these games give you social interaction when it’s difficult. | It Takes Two proves that couch co-op games are back for good – Wired

Stranger Things isn’t the only fiction world where D&D is featured. There’s a new book out where the D&D group is the star. | Book Talk: Cleveland author writes novel about LGBTQ role-playing club – Akron Beacon Journal

You turn on your video game, take over that character, and then meet another character. You then start to play D&D with them?!?! Yeah, that’s meta, but it’s happening. | I Can’t Wait To Play Dungeons And Dragons With Steph Again In Life Is Strange: True Colors – The Gamer

Financial advisors are bullish on Hasbro these days. The April 27th earnings call is of interest to them, primarily because of Wizards of the Coast. | 3 Reasons Hasbro Stock Is a Buy – The Motley Fool

Other Geek Stuff

The latest issue of Strange Horizons is Palestinian sci-fi, which combines two of my biggest passions in the world. If there was a story about soccer it would hit my trifecta.

Russian TV made Lord of the Rings before Peter Jackson did. It’s a trip. Re-watch the Jackson version in theaters when it’s safe. That experience is worth reliving.

Just because you don’t have a Rogue doesn’t mean that you can’t do what rogues do.

New York City Comicon is going to allow people in attendance in October. They will also have virtual events.

As Always, Maps

Need a city or dungeon on the spur of the moment? Use your favorite shopping mall.

How would your PCs solve the problem of a boat blocking the main shipping canal in your world?

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