Lore Collage: Dark Alliance gameplay trailer, DDD253, conventions are coming back, more to read and watch

Over the weekend I ran my first livestreamed D&D show. It was part of YachtCon, a charity convention for Seattle Sounders fans that raises money for the Autism Center at Seattle Children’s Hospital. DDD:253 – Invasion of the Trees may just be the oddest thing I’ve done related to my blogging, podcasting, and broadcasting related to Seattle soccer. We’ve made scarves, shirts, hoodies, beers, conventions, tours, parties, and much more, but playing D&D with sports fans and even a head coach was not something I expected to do back in 2008 when I launched Sounder at Heart. Maybe there will be more. Here’s the 3-hour adventure.

Yes, I dressed the part.

Official D&D Product Releases and Reviews

Dark Alliance is coming June 22

That button mashing glory is full on high action, not subtle roleplay. It’s out June 22, and yes, it’s very metal.

IGN has an exclusive look at the making of Dark Alliance, to include how Tuque Games talked their way into making the game. Polygon compares it to Gears of War.

By the way, the D&D MMORPG Neverwinter is still getting updates.

Dungeons & Dragons Movie News

In Justice Smith’s press junkets about his upcoming movie he also mentions the D&D movie role, but without much detail.

After that, audiences will see him reprise his role as Franklin in Jurassic World: Dominion in 2022. That film will be followed by the anticipated adaptation of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, which has lined up an all-star cast, including Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Michelle Rodriguez and Bridgerton breakout Rege-Jean Page. “The character I play, again, is very different from someone I’ve played before,” he teases.

ET Online

Candlekeep Mysteries Reviews

The compilation of 17 short adventures released last week. Reviews are still rolling in. The adventure book echoes the nature of Candelkeep itself.

GameRant talks about the lore of the library-fortress that precedes the latest book.

Other Official D&D News

D&D is coming to Magic: The Gathering later this spring, but also, that Strixhaven set looks ripe for D&D themes too.

Fey Races Unearthed Arcana

The Kind GM reviews the last UA.

Third-Party Products

Someday you’ll be playing D&D in person again. Warlock Tiles help your miniatures exist in three dimensions.

Heroes’ Fest is among the dozen of fantasy and sci-fi cookbooks mentioned by the Ames Public Library.

Goodman Games will have a new product announcement Thursday, probably.

Conventions Are Returning to In Person Events

GenCon is leaving its traditional date for mid-September. With vaccinations continuing to increase, the hope is that a limited in-person event will be able to be safe.

Advice for Dungeons & Dragons Payers and DMs

Just because your NPC is a smith, doesn’t mean that their last name needs to be Smith.

The best adventures should allow foreshadowing and/or research so that the players can help their characters succeed.

Playing D&D in Civic Spaces During the Pandemic

The Orca’s Center in Washington is hosting a two-night D&D fundraiser. You still have time to watch night two.

At the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota the tabletop community keeps playing, even while distancing.

Vancouver, BC’s public library is hosting D&D for pre-teens.

Out in Pittsburgh the Northlands Public Library remote D&D is focused on teens.

Dungeons & Dragons is Mainstream Now

This mom is making TEN GRAND A MONTH teaching people how to play D&D. | How a mom of 4 makes $10,000 a month teaching Dungeons & Dragons on Outschool – Acorns

Are computers and robots going to replace D&D streamers soon? | Meet the computer scientist teaching an AI to play Dungeons and Dragons – BBC Science Focus

Local columnist just recaps a D&D session to fill space. | Aprill Brandon: Dungeons and dragons for dummies and delinquents – Victoria Advocate (Texas)

Other Geek Stuff

The number one RPG in Japan isn’t D&D. It’s Call of Cthulu.

Discord and Roll20 aren’t just for RPGs. They can also help you run your boardgame night. Remember boardgame night? That thing you used to do before the pandemic? They’re also good for D&D.

Anthropology: The Long Lives of Fairy Tales – yes, that’s a serious study on fairy tales.

A homemade Arwen dress, but not for cosplay. This is a prom dress.

This deck of Magic cards can be a computer.

15 video game streamers that deserve your ear and eye holes.

More D&D rock

As Always, Maps

This is an intriguing cave from someone more well known for their constructed dungeons.

Over on Dyson Logos’ blog there’s more story and downloads available.

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