Lore Collage: Back to the mists, another week means more D&D movie news, and dozens of other things to read and watch related to the world’s most popular RPG

It was just last week when Wizards of the Coast announce their latest product release, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. It’s easy to miss big news these days, as if you miss 36 hours online the conversations die off, so we’ll capture a bunch of previews for the new book set in the Domains of Dread as we scan all the news and advice around D&D over the past week + a day, as much of my weekend writing was focused on Sounder at Heart’s 2021 Seattle Sounders season preview and DDD: 253 – Invasion of the Trees (more on that adventure soon).

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

Thirty different flavors of horror are coming to D&D (which has already featured three horror-themed books in 5th edition – Curse of Strahd, Descent into Avernus, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden).

Van Richten’s release is currently scheduled for May.

Dungeons & Dragons Movie News

The Big Bad Evil Guy in the D&D movie is Hugh Grant. The Hollywood Reporter also mentions that Sophia Lillis joins the cast of Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, and Regé-Jean Page. As a reminder, John Francis Daley, co-director and writer with Johnathon Goldstein, was one of the authors in Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Other Official News

People are still discovering and reviewing Heroes’ Feast. The Dungeons & Dragons themed cookbook was the 3rd most popular cookbook of 2020 and looks like it will have staying power.

The most recent issue of Dragon+ features every single author behind Candlekeep Mysteries. The D&D social channels are also focusing on them as well. The diverse talents are part of why I’m adding that book to my collection.

Third-Party Products

Fandom, the owner of DnDBeyond.com, is expanding its services. They’ve just purchased an e-commerce site and in the statement plan to offer more options for direct purchasing of fan products as well more audio & video content.

Little surprise that as the D&D movie (and TV shows) get going WizKids is expanding their offerings to include action figures.

I love this job board, and will likely add things like it to my next adventure, even as the players won’t go on any of them.

Advice for Dungeons & Dragons Payers and DMs

How you handle a character that is removed from the game determines the style of table you run. A player who is only able to roll a save every round could miss out on a majority of a session. Gnome Stew has ideas on how to handle that.

Love, love love this advice from Alphastream, who expands on SlyFlourish’s tip. End your campaign by having a coda, at the table together. What happened to the world 1,10,100 years later?

One Blog Carnival is over. Read Sea of Fallen Stars recap of their month hosting the series.

ENWorld covers Jasper’s Game Day, a charity inspired online convention.

Playing D&D in Civic Spaces During the Pandemic

Over in Boone, IA the Ericson Public Library is hosting D&D – also a pick your path adventure and a Stranger Things inspired escape room.

Out in Troy, Al, the Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library is hosting Imagi-Con. Yes, there is D&D and plenty more nerdy stuff to do virtually.

In Florida, the Saratoga Springs Public Library is running a 3rd edition D&D campaign. They are using Zoom.

Across the border in Canada, the Fort St. John, BC Public Library expanded its D&D lending library.

Dungeons & Dragons is Mainstream Now

Queer players are out, and playing, D&D. | Queer Dungeons & Dragons Players Are Adventuring From Home – The Advocate

Henry Thomas, of ET, is a D&D player. |

College students may not be able to get together in the commons, pub, or café so they are turning to D&D. | The world of Dungeons and Dragons inside lockdown – The Blue Banner

At this time it might be more surprising if a college paper didn’t do a feature on D&D. The latest is from Ferris State University. | The power of imagination – How Dungeons & Dragons creates a fun escape from reality – The Torch

Dungeons & Dragons is more international than ever. The game is expanding in the world’s largest population of English speakers – India. | Inside India’s nascent Dungeons and Dragons communities – Mint Lounge

Lean into your personal passions to help brand your business, even if that means admitting that you are a D&D nerd. | 7 Ways To Creatively Repurpose Old Ideas For Entrepreneurial Success – Forbes

Yeah, that’s another D&D themed music video.

Other Geek Stuff

What if the heroes of Sherlock Holmes were actually the kids? The Irregulars is just that.
Shadow and Bone is the next great fantasy series coming to streaming.

Rest in Poor customer service and bizarre statues. Fry’s Electronics is no more.

Do I want to live in a fairy tale house with modern conveniences? Of course I do.

A scientific analysis of how dragons would evolve. Yes, really.

We’re in a golden age of fantasy tv and movies.

I’m bookmarking this village/town/city generator for use as I build my own worlds.

As Always, Maps

Maps are as much art as a wayfinding service.

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