Arise & Descend: Entering the Manor House

If we are to be heroes, we must act with in the faith of ourselves, our gods, and those that look to us for hope. This band of becoming-friends is strong willed and capable.

We are willing to risk, a bit brash (that may be my fault). Those that oppose us are able to surrender. We will not kill them if they do. There are things we will not tolerate. Those enemies do not live long.

Together we will free this town and rescue our patron. What happens on the way will happen.

Spoilers for the D&D Starter Set adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver follow.
Our adventures started with an ambush by goblins, then a rescue of Sildar in the goblin caves. From there we cleaned up the southern part of town prior to attack the Red Brands at their manor house.

Have you met my friends? Maybe I should introduce them.

Krakom is another dwarf. A fierce fighter who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me Krakom is sometimes confused by my behavior. While I prefer a big axe, Krakom has mastered the use of a massive hammer — bang-bang.

Norran might be an elf. I’m uncertain. He can slip through a crowd, or into the dark, and disappear for a bit. An arrow will fly free from where Norran might be and pierce the heart of our enemies. Most often he’s the scout.

Ambrose is my orc-ish friend. Deft with a hurled spear and willing to enter a fight with two weapons when hand-to-hand combat ensues Ambrose likes to use an axe, which I appreciate.

Rowan has faith. She’s more than a believer. Tymora works through her. The human helps keep us alive, which is appreciated, of course. Rowan is also a wonder at sussing out information from people who aren’t trying to destroy us. She’s trusted. Hopefully we can all be trusted soon.

Sorry, I got distracted. You were asking about the manor house. Yes, we raided it. Yes, at daylight. We needed to sleep. No, we weren’t concerned with them being warned by the near dozen of deaths and surrenders from the previous day.

[mutters under breath: coward]

No, not you.

Anyway. We went to the manor. Shortly after entering we dispatched three more Red Brands, found some rations, and a bit of coin. The one we didn’t kill indicated that the GlassStaff would be down a hall.

While my friends discussed the ‘proper action’ I opened the door to that hall. We knew what to do. Let’s do it.

Behind that door was a powerful stench of rotting flesh. Someone vomited. No, it wasn’t me [it was me].

A disgusting monstrosity was beyond the doors. It had one large eye in the center of its head and a massive maw. The hands were large with nails that may as well been claws.

We destroyed it because talking wasn’t working. It wanted to eat the flesh of peoples. There is no saving those types.

You want to know what happens next? Fill my mug. I’m out of Elverquisst. Fill the mug. I’ll have more tales when you return.

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