Uprising & Rebellion Session Zero

Kirtin-on-the-Lake is the former winter capital of Kirtin. The lake city occupies the southwest corner of a massive lake and its fantasy-medieval urban area extends from those shores to a few of the islands within the lake. Roughly a century ago the Empire of Daoud and the Green Isle captured the lake city from Kirtin, reducing the kingdom to the hills and mountains surrounding the summer capital – Kirtin-in-the-Sky. The kingdom and empire have been at war for over 19 passings of the Dragon (the moon with a 21 year cycle).

born to run

Telse to Sheljar, about 40 days air travel from Kirtin-on-the-Lake

Now, with magic again in the world with legendary races walking the streets and the call of freedom ringing out from the Free City of Sheljar the occupied peoples of Kirtin-on-the-Lake are questioning their status within Daoud. Some want to rejoin Kirtin, others want to follow the lead of Sheljar, and still others see the Empire of Daoud as a source of wealth and well-being.

Into this environment three potential heroes began a journey by rescuing a couple gobkon children from a confrontation with the Dock District guards. They learned about each other and maybe some clues about a popular protest.

This session was ~3 hours and included both character creation and two social encounters.

Unlike my earlier campaign launches in Fifth Edition this new campaign started with a session zero. Character creation took place as a group. We worked through the party structure and the motivations together. It also meant that world details were added during the character creation process. 

This campaign is set in the Land of the Everflow, but the amount of house rules is greatly reduced. In this campaign any Kin (human, halfling, goliath) starts with a bonded companion, any Ken (elf, dwarf, gnome) starts with magic initiate or ritual caster, and any Kon (goblin, hobgoblin, mulgob) starts with an improved version of the rock gnome Tinker feature. All characters started at third level. Several custom classes are available, but none were chosen. Magic works as normal.

Cast of Characters


Req (male dwarf paladin-vengeance) – the dock worker left the Land of Ken to pursue the new world in the Land of the Everflow. He is finding his way among the working class of the lake city.

Roland (male human rogue-thief) – the former sage was recently fired from his position in local university. His teachings challenged Daoud’s control of Kirtin-on-the-Lake.

Whym (female halfling ranger-gloom stalker) – the former circus member is of noble heart and fights to protect those who are threatened by darkness.


Two Goblin kids — The two kids were being harassed by Daoud guards. Our likely heroes helped the kids get out from under the guards eyes. Our heroes also bought two clockwork toys (14gp total for a cat and a dog). They are originally from Sheljar and their airxip arrived at the docks just a few days ago.

Penzer – owner/operator of the Rusty Clam.

Member of the Guard (unnamed, so far) – One of the guard is a former student of Roland’s. He is friendly, though disrespectful. So far he is willing to gossip about former classmates. Maybe that will extend to the other guards?

Places of Interest

Rusty Clam – a lower class dive bar that serves the dockworkers and related laborers. It is Req’s favorite bar. Penzer runs it, but Req gets his name wrong most of the time.

Cracked Mug – a higher class bar for ship captains and other officers. The alley besides the Cracked Mug seems to be the source of the rebels vandalizing the posters advertising the upcoming festival.

Barracks – the group knows the location of the barracks where the Daoud guard responsible for the Dock District rest and refresh.

2018 Fantasy Faire - Tiny Town by PS Hernandez

2018 Fantasy Faire – Tiny Town by PS Hernandez (CC BY 2.0)

Clues and Hints

Posters advertising the Festival of Feylf are being torn down and replaced by a rebel group. This has become common enough that even new arrivals to the city have seen it happen in broad daylight. The Festival is four days out.

Daoud is increasing the Dock District guard prior to the Festival of Feylf. This seems to be a response to the arrival of airxip from Sheljar as well as visitors from the Western Wildes.

Grand Themes

Uprising & Rebellion as the story of Free Sheljar spreads the people of Kirtin-on-the-Lake want to be free of the Empire of Daoud.

Proctors of Grace are People of Ken who shuttered the Land of the Everflow off from magic. They have taken over most of the Western Wildes.

The Scholars are a group of People of Kin who had powerful magic as long as they worked with the Proctors to control the rest of the Land of the Everflow.

Lorebook Hunters of Free Sheljar have gathered at least three Lorebooks and seem to have opened the Land of the Everflow to magic again.

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