Narrative character creation via the Crowd

With the possibility of many drop in players I wanted to have a PC ready, just in case. As a gimmick, I decided that said character would be made via the crowd of followers on Twitter. The character is genderless and nameless at this time, but besides that has flaws, ideals, skills, attributes, etc and should be playable after a quick leveling exercise.

Combining Twitter polls and Narrative Character Creation lead to some interesting choices, ones that would not have been done without the two methods.

Since the two leading answers were so close I decided that the character would have both human and halfling origins with them being raised by just one parent, the father.

That’s another split decision. Spending time in Crinth (since there is a halfling parent) and the Western Wildes (Telse, Mira, Qin, the Ferments, etc) leads to the next question with a bit more focus. What type of person travels between Crinth and the West?

More split decisions, in this case leading to a charlatan family that travels with merchants. You though, weren’t purely a criminal, you also studied books.

And so we have a charlatan, rogue (thief) with the feat Ritual Caster. You are nimble, loved, wise and fairly smart.

You acquired Prestidigitation and a Wolfhound during your Forming Years. As a human with halfling influences you are nearly the same height as your trusty hound. They are a bit heavier than you.

Over the years you learned two rituals studying studying the words of the wandering clerics of Glight. You are able to Detect Magic. Yes, Magic in the lands of the Everflow is quite rare, but you are able to cast this ritual and see even the old lines scarring the world, and the new that nearly burnt it down. You also know how to summon a servant. They do menial tasks around camp, so you can focus on learning and the rest of the journeyman can finally relax.

Since we have a student of sorts, that is willing to take from the wealthy, that influenced weapon choices. Rather than the usual martial weapons for a rogue you instead know a “baton.” It has the same stats as a short sword, but is bludgeoning. You have a short bow with quiver, a burglar’s pack, leather armor, two daggers, thieves tools and your baton. Those rare times you fight, rather than hunt, you tend to knock people out.

Helping your father with his schemes means you learned skills like Deception (expertise) and Sleight of Hand (expertise). You also know a dice game, which you cheat at, how to forge documents and how to use thieves tools. You understand people (Insight, Persuasion) and are quite aware of your surroundings (Perception, Stealth).

You’ve picked up the faith of the peoples, despite your non-believing father, and carry many holy symbols. You give your extra earnings to urchins and those in need, which in the West means refugees from Sheljar and in Crinth are those escaping Azsel. You once stole from someone you thought was rich, but they weren’t. Their life destroyed you hope to find a way to pay restitution to either they or their tribe. This happened along the River Crinth.

But you know that none can fool you like you fool them. You are the sly trickster, the knower of things.


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