Song for Mehmd

As Saffron gets to know Behn and Samul she wrote a song celebrating their homeland.

Night pours over the rolling dunes.
First, pink and purple, swallowing the sun-soaked sky.
Then red to match the blood-soaked hands.
And a whisper in the wind decries:
nothing remains now
except stars and scars.

Dawn breaks the black horizon.
We are thirst, and thirst is all we know.
We are sand, wind, sun, and burning sky.
We are.

Here, in the desert,
We cannot be claimed nor owned.
Carried by winds,
A mirage of heart and bone
And memories built by hand.

I turn toward emptiness.
I see nothing, hear nothing.
Yet through the silence something throbs.

Here, in the desert,
Ahid wraps tight around our ribs
Preparing us for battle.
We stand at the gates,
Men and women,
Myths and legends.
Ready to fight.

We are Mehmd.

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