Group 1, Session 19-20: Interrogation and Dungeon Crawl

Realizing that the session recaps are mainly read by my group, I’m giving up attempts to give them a narrative flavor. Instead I’ll focus on what they learned about the story they are writing together, the opponents defeated and some mechanical changes I tried.

Session Notes:
Aamar remains at the inn, reading the Lorebook. Bernie and Mitzie stay back.
Shonie is still in Telse, they think.

Mansaray’s whereabouts are unknown. His falcon is back with Aamar.

Interrogating a Proctor of Grace

In this encounter the group needed to interrogate a Dwarven mage from an unknown land. They had killed his mount and taken him captive after some combat. This meant that the group was at a significant disadvantage during the interrogation.

Entering the session I had established a dozen or so things the group could learn. Each had a difficulty check established based on the Dwarf’s stats. Some required multiple successes, or previous learnings. They could be accomplished via Persuassion (CHA), Intimidation (STR or CHA), magic, etc.

Here’s what they learned

  • He is Ular with the Proctors of Grace
  • The Proctors have used Sending Stones to communicate with allies/Scholars? in Kin
  • They are trying to destroy the Scholars for violating the Grace, the Necromancer is next. They already ended Cortez.
  • Upon seeing Ixnyx Ular talks about how Gobkons turned their backs on magic and the true order. Only the Proctors are able to correct this and keep the Kon from Ken.

He sealed up around this point. No amount of interrogation would work, except that the group had a Crown of Forgetfulness, Deception and minor illusion. Working together the Five started over and convinced Ular that they rescued him from a fall. They learned more;

  • He is just one scout of many roving the West
  • They have much more knowledge of magic than the Kin.
  • The Glass Tower was taken by many Proctors of Grace, they are after Chorl, the Necromancer and more.

Then they let him go. Between another minor illusion, the fogs of Sheljar and the use of a mage hand they let him chase after his wyvern. He doesn’t know it is dead. A stench cloud chases after him.

Fighting the Necromancer

Using Boo to carry a message back to the Necromancer the Five arrange another meeting with him to discuss the two sides futures. A meeting at the steps to Glight’s library of Sheljar is arranged. Samul, Ajhenas, Saffron, their companions and Edgar (Mo’s fox) go to the steps. Edgar is to run back to Mo in the Temple if something bad happens. Mo, Behn, Ixnyx go to the Temple shrouded in invisibility.

It’s been a long day. The Five have fought a wyvern, a dwarven mage and are now facing off with the Necromancer and four of his skeletal guards. Samul is short tempered and does not react well to the Necromancer demands. He smacks the man with his belt-chain.

This fight got interesting. In round 2 the Necromancer teleports to the Temple. The same initiative chart is used for both fights. This means the split party is equally involved. Four skeletons are not a challenge, but by the time that sub-group runs to the Temple their companions are frozen by a time stop. Though the Necromancer nearly died, his defensive magic gets him free from the combat (he had less than 10% of his hit points).

Barkely detects a scent that the Necromancer went down into the tunnels under the Temple. Saffron acquired one of his fancier robes that he left behind. The sure like stealing this dude’s clothes.

Into the Dungeon

It is dark. Being humans and kinnish halflings they use a hooded lantern to see. The dog gives them some direction. Eventually they enter a larger room with 3 normal zombies and a mulgob zombie. Those they destroy. But there are two exits from the room. Barkley points them to the stronger door.

Samul avoids the pit trap that pops when he thrusts through the door. Using some Athletics and Acrobatics the group gets across the pit. Maurice robs the dead down inside gaining a few vials of Everflow, a spell scroll and a pittance of copper.

Now many minutes behind the Necromancer Barkley (Saffron’s dog) points them in a direction to a stair to the Library. Another fight with a mulgob zombie goes well. When they get to the Library they cannot find the Necromancer. The scent is dead.

Hiding in the Temple

With scent of the Necromancer lost they hide in the Temple, not knowing what the future holds. But feeling more confident in the ability to defend the Temple than the Library.

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