Two D&D bundles to help Ukraine

Following the Russia invasion of Ukraine is part of my day job. Watching the refugees flee and the bombings of civilian areas makes one feel a bit helpless. It can feel hopeless and helpless. Some people have found ways to combine their passions to help raise funds for organizations that are active in and around the warzone.

EN World’s “Blessings, Healing, and Peace for Ukraine”

What I like about this bundle is that Morrus put a theme together of various peaceful elements from their Patreon, repackaged them for this, and has committed to immediately releasing the product when the month is up. You can get the following for as little as a dollar;

  • 11 new healing spells
  • 2 new monastic traditions of peace
  • 6 magical ceremonies of spring
  • 10 new ways to award inspiration
  • 7 supernatural gifts

All money that EN World raises goes to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal by the Disaster Emergency Committee. DEC is a British consortium of charities that has helped crises throughout the world.

I’m most excited for the peaceful monks.

DMsGuild Doctors Without Borders Quad Bundles

Over on the DMs Guild they partnered with creators and with Wizards of the Coast so that 100% of proceeds will go to the Doctors Without Borders. There are four bundles within their omnibus bundle.

Generic reader with doubts about quality? Get the Adventurer’s League bundle.

Usually a player whose DM is generous? Get the Player Options bundle. This one is also great for DMs who want NPCs built using player rules.

There are two DM bundles both at $20. Bundle 1 has the Festival of Magic, which is great, and Alyth’s Blueprints for Home & Business, which is on my wishlist. There’s a bunch of other stuff too. My favorite from Bundle 2 is Fae, Fi, Fo, Fum: A Collection of Folklore Inspired NPCs. I might get both, even though I run custom worlds and stories.

Combined you could get all five of this bundles, winding up with about 100 new elements and adventures to add to your game, all while helping people who are suffering (both DEC and DWB are helping in other conflicts too).

For a handful of other charities doing good work, I wrote about a few that are partnered with my full-time job.

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