Filming at Wells Cathedral puts Dungeons & Dragons movie stars in range of paparrazi

Lately most of my writing efforts have focused on job applications, new backgrounds (Vintner, Midwife), and Feats (Bonded Companion, Born to be Wild) that help define the world where I DM and write. Getting read to relaunch in-person D&D has been such a joy. In this era where the game and everything surrounding it is more popular, I expect my drop-in episodic campaign will be popular. Sessions will be in South King County, in public place. Details quite soon.

Enough about me. Mondays are about the D&D movie, TV shows, video games, and non-TTRPG portions of the franchise.

Paparazzi provide glimpse of D&D stars’ costumes

Mostly due to filming at Wells Cathedral in Somerset, the celeb-stalking paparazzi snapped photos of the starts of the Dungeons and Dragons film in partial costume on their way to-and-from various shoots.

Hugh Grant took most of the attention, of course. He’s the biggest classic name attached to the project that also includes Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, and many more. There’s no surprise that there’s a powerful ensemble associated with a brand built around party dynamics.

Michelle Rodriguez is seen wearing a paparazzi-defense visor. Yes, this item belongs in your game. It should hide emotions, but will not hide your identity.

Filming at Alnwick Castle in Somerset also attracts attention

There’s an intriguing shot of a fully costumed and made-up character practicing swordplay in a field outside of Alnwick Castle. Northumberton is enjoying the spotlight. Alnwick seems to feature more outdoors action.

Indiana Jones 5 is being filmed just down the way.

Regé-Jean Page teases Variety

At this point Page’s star is going to be attached to every franchise in existence. It took just one season in Bridgerton for him to be attached to James Bond. He’ll be in The Gray Man and D&D for certain. He’s enjoyed games inspired by D&D, and now he’ll get to be a Paladin, possibly.

The D&D film is part of why Motley Fool thinks AMC stock is going to keep climbing.

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Dark Alliance is out June 22 – couch co-op on the way

The Drizzt and companions button-smashing metal glory of Dark Alliance has a few free DLCs scheduled already, including couch co-op.

Magic: The Gathering crossover cards starting to be revealed.

Someone put D&D in my Monopoly & Clue

No, really. D&D Monopoly and Clue are real things that exist now. Will I get them for the minis and props? No. But I’m tempted.

As always, maps

Me being a DM that cannot draw, I count on adapting various maps and map tools to my campaigns. Here’s a couple I like.

Free maps from Mike Schley? yep. Just register and download.

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