Lore Collage: Dragonlance returns, knife-coins, one-page dungeons, and 27 other things to read and watch

A day late, Lore Collage took a break while I focused some creative efforts on soccer (9 players the Sounders should try to sign), a new session recap in the story of Awf and the Brigade, some fiction to post here, and an expansion of the Gobkon teknologies in the World of the Everflow.

Now, our weekly feature of Dungeons & Dragons news, reviews, and inspiration.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

Dragonlance is back, in particularly the original creators of the tales of high fantasy with mighty dragons are writing and publishing stories set on Krynn. It seems like they are returning to stories set in the Chronicles era through their use of “Classic” and mentioning the original character set. Polygon has more than just the press release.

Candlekeep Mysteries is still getting attention. The next official book from Wizards of the Coast features a diverse set of authors and short adventures. Get to know the people behind the product.

What’s the best official adventure for a first-time DM to run? Outside of the entry level boxes (Starter Set, Essentials, Stranger Things, Rick&Morty) Polygon thinks you should try Curse of Strahd. The gothic horror elements are things that anyone who likes fantasy, horror, or sci-fi understand and the story is one that is familiar.

Wired takes a deep dive into how the hobby must eliminate racism and that the recent steps taken are small, slow.

I’ll be picking up Barber’s Variant Experience and Leveling system. My games involve just as much social and exploration as they do combat. Awards should reflect that.

The D&D video game Dark Alliance features the Drizzt and his classic companions. Likely the most famous character from D&D novels, some people (like me) may not know much about his friends. So read up.

Defending a tower, keep, even a bar needs magical aid in the worlds of magic that are D&D. ThinkDM has a list of the best wizard spells to defend a location.

A ranger conclave for moon lovers — yes, of course this suits me and my four moon world.

The next big convention with significant Adventurer’s League support is Winter Fantasy. Register and play.

D&D During the Pandemic

The Kendallville Public Library in Indiana is hosting D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons & Mainstream News

Once upon a time midwestern moms thought that D&D was all about Satan. Now, midwestern moms are encouraging their kids to play the game as a creative outlet. Go modern moms.

And now featuring a rabbi that uses D&D spiritually.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

Snag yourself the best One-page Dungeon of 2020. These small adventures are excellent ways for experienced DMs to introduce new players to the game.

I’m adding knife-coins to my next D&D character.

What mundane item is also coinage in your world?

Speaking of knives, or should I say singing? — in the Renaissance some knives had sheet music written on them. This is how that sounds.

Take wingdings and make them D&D. Yes, that’s a font of icons for your game.

The world’s richest athlete was a charioteer in the Roman Age. Add more sports to your games.

FanWraps D&D Inspired Shirts

Other Geek Stuff

The “origin” of ShantyTok just signed a big record deal. Am I mentioning this just so I can link myself and the post about adding shanties to your home game? No, but also yes. And also no. It might just be because I like shanties, whether from Nickleback or the Navy Choir.

The Sports-Magic mashup I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.

Cute dice stuff I want to cuddle with.

MT Black has advice on how to help your RPG products sell.

As Always, Maps

My homebrew includes bladder style airships, so I love this.
Yes, I printed this out for inspiration. All those parks make great places for fantasy sports.

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