Lore Collage: Candlekeep Mysteries release stories, a new D&D TV show, and 28 more things you should know

Product release week shifts the focus of the Dungeons & Dragons community on the new product. That news dwarfs (not dwarves) everything else. So come for even more news about Candlekeep Mysteries, but stay for things like the rumors regarding a new D&D TV show, a new magazine, inspiration for your campaign at home, and more D&D in public libraries.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

With the product announcement for Candlekeep Mysteries, there is virtual library full of announcements from websites that rarely cover the game, as well as those that are dedicated to the gaming space. Let’s hit those up rapid fire and then go deeper into a few elements. Gizmodo talks about how it adds new voices to the official game. TechRadar with a typical coming soon story. PCGamer has another coming soon story. CGMagOnline’s announcement. GamesRadar lists the spaces you can pre-order online (support your local though). PopInsider’s announcement focuses on mystery. SyFy focuses on the library-keep of Candlekeep.

HypeBeast focuses on the wheelchair accessible dungeon. This dungeon, and the dedication to diversity is one of the three reasons I’m getting Candlekeep Mysteries immediately. The pushback about the addition of ramps to one dungeon is absurd. Dreamwisp, the designer, is here to dunk on those angry about the inclusion of ramps.

Dyson Logos has maps in it. They’ve become the signature look of interior spaces for 5th edition.

It’s not all book release news. There is now confirmation that in addition to a D&D movie that is starting production this month, there is a D&D TV show in conception with John Wick’s writer Derek Kolstad pitching it. There’s a bit more information about the D&D TV show and movie over at Report Door.

Arcadia is a new magazine from Matt Colville and MCDM. It is available to all of his Patrons, as well as for individual purchase. ENWorld and ComicBook have introductions to the magazine.

DnDBeyond’s lead writer says goodbye. Haeck is clearly going places, it will be interesting to see where he lands. His credits include 3 books with Wizards of the Coast and numerous other products. Hopefully his goodbye from writing about the game becomes a full-time gig writing the game.

If a magic prosthetic is only replacing the standard function of a body part it should not require attunement. This is an unnecessary penalty. ThinkDM goes into the simple fix.

D&D During the Pandemic

Struggling to maintain social connections during the pandemic, many people are turning to D&D – LA Times. This story was syndicated into smaller towns too.

Cheyenne and Laramie area libraries are hosting D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons & Mainstream News

Queer roleplay is valid roleplay. All people are welcome in the game, no matter their orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, class, disability.

Star Trek: Discovery’s cast plays D&D together.

Stranger Things is getting deeper into its D&D roots.

The Independent dives into how streaming made D&D cool – I still can’t believe this game I was mocked for playing is cool.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

Make your dire wolves more interesting, because they were real and not wolves.

Dyson Logos has a wonderful glass figurine of a dragon to inspire you.

Books to read based on your D&D Class.

Make dragons mushrooms? Sure.

FanWraps D&D Inspired Shirts

Other Geek Stuff

Owen K Stephens starts a series about designing for licensed properties.

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Risk is getting a movie? ok.

The King Arthur video game merges RPG and strategy.

Looking at starting a stream? Alphastream has a guide for that.

Magic: The Gathering is releasing short stories about their upcoming set. It’s a wonderful snapshot of story for a game that is so often mechanics centered. Arena is about to launch on Android, too.

As Always, Maps

My favorite regional mapmaker.
Every campaign needs a tavern map.

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