Lore Collage: Library D&D, the Yawning Portal, Stranger Things, and 20 other things to read

Let’s skip the spoilers for Tuesday’s new product reveal. You can search the internet if you want that stuff. The big news not related to that product is this weekend’s Yawning Portal event, which is basically a convention without keynote speakers, just lots of games. The DMs are paid, so you need to toss a coin to them.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

Ginny Loveday put together a one-sheet for all the available adventures and events at the upcoming Yawning Portal dates on Jan. 15-17. Seats are going fast. Building a ramp into this being a regular thing was a wise decision.

Stranger Things 4 is going to lean heavy into the D&D themes that started in season 1, but faded into the background over the following seasons. The Hellfire Club is going to be right up front.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is already out in Early Access. Dark Alliance, which is more of a team shooty/stabby game, is one of the most anticipated releases of 2021.

No, this isn’t official, but I wish it was.

D&D During the Pandemic

Laramie, Wyoming library is hosting D&D this month. The next session is Jan. 13.

Heart of the Rockies Radio, out in the mountains of Colorado hosts both kids and mature D&D.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado is another place hosting library D&D.

Ottawa Public Library brings back online events, including Dungeons & Dragons for 8-12 year olds.

The Jewish Community Center of Youngstown, Ohio is hosting D&D for youth.

Theaters and actors continue to turn to D&D as an outlet, and fundraiser. Hazards & Hijinks leans into improve. The just hosted their second session on their YouTube page.

Dungeons & Dragons & Mainstream News

Mental Floss reviews Heroes’ Feast.

i09’s Gizmado writes that D&D can inspire your fiction storytelling. This speaks to me. I can’t really tell the difference between whether I create for unplayed D&D or unpublished short stories.

Catholic blog Patheos mentions D&D without mentioning the Satanic Panic.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

A ranking of Monster Manual monsters by sex appeal.

This amazing artist takes dice cases and turns them into little dioramas. When the pandemic fades and office life is exists again, I will have a corner dedicated to gaming. Something like this is perfect.

February is New Gamemaster Month. If you’ve never sat behind the screen start planning your first adventure and then invite me to play.

Reuben Wu uses drones to create modern art in landscapes. How does your illusionist or other magical entertainer paint with magic?

FanWraps D&D Inspired Shirts

Had a complete stranger at Costco ask me where I got my shirt just today.

Other Geek Stuff

CNET has a list of best board games to past time during the pandemic, to include the D&D inspired Gloomhaven.

Owen K. Stephens has thoughts about how losing can offer buffs, or even more special the dead PC carried on in legacy.

POCGamer is started an intensive study of generic RPGs.

Blades in the Dark is the not-D&D that I most want to play, and you should too.

As Always, Maps

A collection of more than 70 maps from Dyson Logos. These are free to use commercially.

I’ll be using this one, for certain.

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