Lore Collage: 34 D&D Links to Read and Videos to Watch

Last week Lore Collage was on a break. In its place was a holiday gift guide designed around the types of people into Dungeons & Dragons, with a sprinkling of what makes me, me. But, all the normal sources I trawl for news, opinion, and stories about D&D still kept putting stuff out. That means that there are over 30 things to read or vids to watch. There’s still more Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, as well as some other new products, but the focus on the latest new has faded a bit.

FanWraps D&D Inspired Shirts

They’re known for geek inspired car decals, and more, but the line of shirts that FanWraps put out is pretty awesome. The Dark Matter shirt includes dragonfire that only shows under flash photography. Here I am wearing the thing. Use the discount code DAVE10 for 10% off any purchase over 8$.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

If you’re a big minis person who plays in Waterdeep the use of the new Yawning Portal mini is rather obvious. Big set pieces like this need a game that centers that space to have value in most groups.

Jeremy Crawford spoke to Dicebreaker about how the racial changes in Tasha’s are a beginning, not an endpoint.

Think DM evaluates the Psionic Die and how multiclassing changes the Psi Warrior and Soul Knife. They also evaluate the impact of Steady Aim. If you want to optimize your understanding of mechanics, there’s no better place than Think DM.

D&D During the Pandemic

Virginia news site, the Augusta Free Press is recommending D&D as a way to stay in touch with your tech coworkers now that you aren’t playing pinball or visiting the cereal bar.

Local game stores are struggling to stay open during the covid-19 pandemic. Wilmington Biz shines the spotlight on Cape Fear Games. Support your local gaming stores so that when we are together again we have a place to gather again.

A group in Queensland Australia is using D&D to help neurodivergent teens and young adults grow.

Tabletale Games launched during the pandemic because so many players are looking for DMs that DMs can get paid. Mox Boarding House is hosting D&D too.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

Not every world has a murder tree, but every world should have a murder tree.

Screenrant walks you through how to create a powerful, heroic blacksmith. You can also be a sports star or a barista. Use tools to add more story to your story.

Being a Dungeon Master is daunting. DM David (no relation) is here to help with four key rules to DMing.

Steve outlines the Spent Condition, a new approach regarding the impact of using up all your limited abilities.

The mighty chestnut tree once defined societies throughout parts of North America. Now, it’s essentially gone. Use this knowledge of a tree that was food, fuel, and shelter all at once as a seed for your next worldspace.

Dungeons, Dragons, and Mainstream News

Comedian Louie Anderson plays – via Orange County Register.

Ta-Nehisi Coates plays – Oprah Magazine

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a D&D Easter Egg.

In Praise of Dungeons and Dragons – via The Week.

Other Geek Stuff, not D&D Necessarily

G4 TV is coming back, and like the resurgence of D&D there’s a wrestler involved.

Swordfall puts together a great guide on how to support creators.

Ten must see streaming shows, including Dimension 20.

Harry Turtledove wrote a short story without any period.

The Legendary Ben Bova passed away. He discovered and promoted so many of the sci-fi authors who helped me fall in love with genre writing and is possibly the best editor in the history of the genre.

The Amazon Prime Tolkien show (I can’t call it Lord of the Rings, because it’s not set within those three books) revealed even more of its cast. The show is currently being filmed in New Zealand, a place that isn’t suffering from the pandemic.

As Always, Maps

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