What you need to know about D&D Live ’21

This year D&D Live is a hybrid in-studio and remote set of product reveals and streamed actual plays, all hosted by G4. Yes, that’s the same G4 that nerds of a certain age remember for things like Attack of the Show and X-Play. The power of nerd-nostalgia and the open embrace of our culture means that Comcast-NBC are bringing back the station dedicated to video games, role playing games, and other aspects of the nerd life.

It also means that the partnership with G4 is putting D&D on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. D&D Live will also be on G4 and D&D’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Running Friday and Saturday this weekend from Noon to 9 PM PT D&D Live will reveal a new product, expand on two other product reveals, host a concert, include several celeb-laden actual plays, and other staff. It’s packed like a convention and you can watch from home.

New Book?!?!

There are three more books coming out in 2021, and one has yet to be revealed. That reveal opens the show on Friday. What is known so far is that James Wyatt is the lead on the project and that the Unearthed Arcana exploring some Dragons have yet to be used.

Plus, Wyatt was part of the Magic the Gathering: Adventures in Forgotten Realms dev team, which features a dragon-monk, Bahamut. There is also some not-yet used exploration of Drow cultures.

The book almost certainly includes Dragon themes, and might have those Drow themes too. It is reasonable to think that this project is similar to Volo’s Guide, but with a tighter focus.

There will be more about the Strixhaven and Witchlight books as well. Both getting a full hour to expand on what little we know so far about the setting and adventure books that are planned.

Which Live Show to Watch?

All of them. duh. No, but seriously, the live show to watch depends on what celebs you want to see or what DMs you enjoy.

I happen to be a Kevin Smith fan, so I’ll be watching the comedy laden show. There’s one with the cast of AP Bio, one with WWE stars. And, of course, there is a table with the stars of G4, which I’ll watch because sometimes I want to remember when I was young.

From G4

But Wait, There’s More?

Yep! There’s another cooking demonstration from Heroes’ Feast (one of the best selling cookbooks of 2020). A concert by Jason Charles Miller, the next steps in the Dungeon Master’s Challenge, cosplay, and the event close usually mentions another product in about a single line just before they go dark.

It’s going to be exciting to see this nerdy hobby that used to hide in basements have the light of a full TV network on it for two days. My wife’s going to have to put up with a lot of D&D on the TV, not just on a phone.

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As Always, Maps

DMs can always use more maps. Here’s a couple that interested me.

Or maybe a scale-model of an ancient Roman city is more your vibe.

Additional Reading about Tabletop D&D

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