D&D movie just keeps adding another star; more movie and TV show news

Eighty percent of the reason I do Lore Collage is because it helps me keep track of what I’m reading and discovering about my passions. The other twenty percent is so that I share it with you.

Dungeons and Dragons movie adds Daisy Head

Shadow & Bone is the latest fantasy hit on Netflix, and now Daisy Head is joining another fantasy project – D&D. Head plays Genya Safin and has a few other genre films under her belt already.

Last week D&D film started doing work in a tiny Irish town with less than 200 people and a castle older than time (dungeon locations?).

D&D movie is set in Forgotten Realms

Not much of a surprise to find out that the Realms are the focus. D&D is it’s most fun when settings are explored, and why not feature the one with more novels, comic books, and official products than any other.

Ignore the synopsis that is out on the web. It’s not necessarily real.

D&D TV show will focus on Drizzt

The Kolstad TV project is ALSO set in the Realms, and probably focuses on the most famous elf in the game’s history.


Oh, and here’s Benedict Cumberbatch voicing an animated short with Drizzt. During the Summer of Drizzt.

D&D x Magic: The Gathering crossover preview

The crossover event we’ve waited decades for also features Drizzt. And Lolth. And his companions.

As always, maps

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