Critical Fumble Fix

I love this little twist for crit fails. As your character gets better, they should get better at what they do.


We talked about critical fumbles last week while covering the Gunslinger’s Misfire mechanic. While I stand by the conclusion that you shouldn’t build a (sub)class around a critical fumble mechanic, there may be a solution to the problem fumbles experience interacting with extra attacks.

The Problem

Critical fumbles impose an additional penalty on players who roll a 1 on a d20.

For the sake of discussion, we’ll assume you’ve already set your heart on running critical fumbles, notwithstanding the narrative perils.

The mechanical problem you still need to resolve is that extra attacks make more proficient martial characters more likely to fail. This is not an impediment that “linear” fighters need to experience against “quadratic” wizards. Especially considering the spellcaster’s reliance on fumble-immune saving throw spells at higher levels.

The Solution

For tables that insist on using critical fumbles, a tidy solution comes courtesy of reader Alexander Davis:


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