Lore Collage: The Yawning Portal is open again, library D&D continues to expand, and more

Many businesses slow down during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, so there is no new news regarding the D&D movie. It’s also just a lighter week in general. A reminder, Baldman Games and Wizards of the Coast are hosting monthly sessions via the The Yawning Portal.

Check out my portfolio of 20 writings in 2020 for an example as to how I can help your content grow.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

According to Forbes, the five best D&D products of 2020 include stuff from Kobold Press (Tome of Beasts 2; I own Tome of Beasts and use it regularly), Nord Games (Spectacular Settlements; I own this and regularly consult it when creating communities for fiction and gaming) and three from Wizards of the Coast.

The Yawning Portal is calling out for more adventurers. This month’s WotC/Baldman Games gaming sessions are January 15-17. There are Adventurer’s League games set in Eberron, the Moonshaes, Thay, and a new season entirely. Select DMs will also be running their original non-AL games.

D&D During the Pandemic

Nevada County, California libraries join the tide of D&D in civic spaces.

Port Colborne, NY libraries are playing D&D.

Putnam County, Ohio libraries are playing D&D.

For many, the Lost Year of 2020 was conquered via D&D. This is Melanie’s story.

Bustle put together a “How To” guide to D&D and Zoom (works for any video call platform really). My groups have used jitsi, Zoom, and Google Meet over the past months.

Marquette, WI’s Taiga Games earns the spotlight of regional papers for the booming games scene.

Rochester City Paper in New York suggests turning to board games and RPGs to stomp out the winter boredom during the pandemic.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

Nerdarchy has great advice about how to include fashion in your game.

Your desert dwellers can and should have snow cones, ice cream, and other frozen treats. Yes, I’m serious. Yakhchāl were the ancient Persian way to create ice in the middle east.

The DMsGuild can help the amateur entire the professional realm. Here’s how one creator got started.

Owen K Stephens started a series on how to use MacGuffins. Read the entire series.

FanWraps D&D Inspired Shirts

Other Geek Stuff

So much Sci-fi/Fantasy genre to stream this month. I’ll be binging The Magicians, WandaVision, Hook, Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, Snowpiercer (movie and the series), and The Princess Bride (duh). What are you looking forward to?

This dude made his own dice box and I want it.

These dinosaurs are bad ass.

Come for the story about how Cobra Kai is bringing old actors back to the fold. Stay for the tale of romance and restauranting in Seattle.

As Always, Maps

Daniel’s Maps presents an excellent look at Dwarven cities

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