Lore Collage: D&D Movie News, More Libraries Playing, and 25 Other Things to Know

The holidays are fully in session. Your D&D and other RPG adventures may be getting rescheduled. Awf’s most certainly are. If you are looking for gifts, here’s a guide built for the D&D fan in your life. There’s major news regarding the D&D movie, more advice related to Tasha’s Cauldron of everything and dozens of other stories, images, and videos that deserve your attention.

D&D Movie News

Chris Pine is starring in the latest attempt at a Dungeons & Dragons movie. Filming is supposed to start in Q1 of 2021, which is actually really soon unless 2020 decides to last 72 more months. Deadline has all the details.

Official D&D Products Releases and Reviews

The latest issue of Dragon+ dropped, and the cover art is three kobolds in a trench coat. As always there are free maps and a best of the DMs Guild that require your attention.

Wizards of the Coast has a new Kids Studio. They hired their design lead. – Geekwire

There’s little surprise, but DnDBeyond’s sales figures are booming during the pandemic. – ComicBook.com.

Optimize your spellcaster using the Gunner Feat from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. – Think DM

FanWraps D&D Inspired Shirts

D&D During the Pandemic

Georgia Highlands CollegeĀ students are playing D&D. – Six-Mile Post.

Thurston County, WA has virtual D&D at the Olympia Center – Thurston Talk.

Clark County, WA has virtual D&D hosted by their library system – The Columbian.

Klamath County, OR has virtual D&D hosted by their library system – Herald and News.

The O’Neal Library, Alabama, is hosting virtual D&D. – Village Living Online.

I regularly update library D&D schedules in this twitter thread.

Inspiration for Your Next Adventure

THAC0 can help newer players understand the game, no really – Think DM

Head to the Southlands in Kobold Press’s latest update of their huge world to 5e.

Dungeons, Dragons, and Mainstream News

Joe’s doing the rounds. He also brought up D&D when he was on Ryan Seacrest to talk about his new film, “Archenemy.”

Scooby Doo is going full D&D, which is appropriate if you know anything about Matthew Lillard.

Looks like Stranger Things and D&D are going to be more than a season 1 appearance, a season 3 meme, a comic book, a starter set (OK they’re already mixing it up quite a bit).

Other Geek Stuff, not Necessarily D&D

Non-violent characters deserve to level up too.

Read about pre-20th century foods to get inspired about what your party eats and drinks.

There’s always room for new monsters, because even in the 21st century we’re still discovering whales.

Swordsfall released an RPG. Continue to support them. They’re one of six indie games that CBR recommends you play.

Gnomestew started a series on Israeli RPG theory.

Get youth playing with rpgKids and the Adventure Pack I by Newbie DM.

As Always, Maps

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