This Week in D&D Reading

In this week’s post there are tips about creating with accessibility in mind, more libraries playing D&D with youth, maps, recommended podcasts, and so much more.

Beverage accompaniment: Friday Afternoon Tea’s Stormfire. It’s a softer approach to black tea, due to the blue cornflower with the mate and black peppercorn hitting giving it a spike of spice.

Accessibility and Representation

Jennifer Kretchmer‘s resource guide to Accessibility and anti-ableism is a hefty set of reading and viewing. These resources are a wonderful way to understand how your writing and gaming can create opportunities for others. Read, watch, re-read, re-watch.

The Guardian writes about the colonialist and racist history of D&D as well as the fantasy and science-fiction as a whole. This harsh reminder of the past is important.

D&D is adapting. More frequently we see creators and performers of color, of differing sexes and sexualities – and we see their characters as well. Representation is vital. Myself, I think back to when I was so tiny there were thoughts about medical ways to cause me to be taller. At the time I always played Halfings, Gnomes, and Dwarves. I did that because I needed to see heroes that were like me.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is an important step towards seeing more diverse characters and more ways to represent the amazing reality that is humanity. It is only a step, and every table (real and virtual) needs to take more steps too.

Turning to Games During Dark Winters

With the long, dark, pandemic winter coming it is important find paths to joy and community. For me, that means more gaming.

This is why people are turning to D&D, and other RPGs.

This is also true in some civic institutions like libraries. But not others, like prisons. For more info on libraries hosting youth D&D my personal twitter is regularly updated with those playing games.


Brennan Lee Mulligan puts together a list of five podcasts to listen to/watch if live streamed. In addition to those mentioned check out Rivals of Waterdeep and D20 Dames.

The Dames play a less violent version of the game that centers social roleplay in ways that a younger version of me wouldn’t think is possible.

Official Stuff and Rumored TV Show

Stranger Things and D&D have been associated for some time. I’ve run the boxed set (half way through) and of course loved the TV show. Now there’s a comic book series that explores the in-character D&D.

It took Greg Tito being featured for me to realize that Dragon+ often has fiction.

A single phrase about the possibility of a D&D TV show during the Hasbro earnings call has exploded speculation regarding a live-action series.

Looking to write for DMsGuild and make money while doing it? Justice has a perfect primer.

Maps & Miscellany

I can’t draw, but I can use map tools like Perilous Shores.

How do centaurs sleep? is a question that you may not know you needed the answer to, but after this art drop you’ll be glad you do.

Don’t know what your characters are eating? Follow this Twitter feed.

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