Five Shops along Moonset Street

What I like about this is the density of the shops and how they share spaces, as well as the alley. Dyson Logos did an interesting mix of spaces with this.

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Five Shops

Here we have a collection of five mercantile businesses along the south side of Moonset Street. These are fairly traditional business designs – in most cases there is no access to the interior of the business for shoppers and they instead interact through the long shop windows.

Moonset Street Shops Moonset Street Shops

From left to right we have:

  • First Building – Front – Cloth Shop
    • This shop mostly deals in lengths and bolts of cloth, imported and domestic. They also provide some dressmaking and tailoring services (the workshops being in the rooms behind the shop, one sharing space with the owner’s bedroom).
  • First Building – Back – Trinkets & Jewelry
    • This shop actually has a “shopping space” within the building (so that people can examine the wares without taking them outside) including a small showroom and counters where work is done as well as sales. The back rooms include a workshop and…

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